Thermal transfer printer SQUIX 2 - 1
  • Thermal transfer printer SQUIX 2 - 1

Thermal transfer printer SQUIX 2

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the printer

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  • Practical and robust
  • Intuitive and comfortable operation
  • Small width
  • Precise and quality printing

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Thanks to this thermal transfer printer SQUIX 2, you can print your own labels. The roll label can have a logo, text, numbering and/or a variable barcode. The label printing is of a high quality, close to the labels proposed at the beginning of the catalog.

Intuitive use of the SQUIX 2 thermal transfer printer

The SQUIX 2 thermal transfer printer is characterized by simple and intuitive operation and true reliability. The variety of peripherals and software allows to meet all your requests and requirements. Thus, the roll label designed and then printed corresponds exactly to your needs.

The SQUIX 2 thermal transfer printer is the smallest format in the SQUIX range. Its small width for small labels gives it an excellent capacity for printing the smallest labels, with a resolution of 300 dpi or 600 dpi and a printing speed of up to 250 mm/s. Its compact design is ideal for small spaces. Made in Germany, all components are matched to each other and made of high quality materials controlled by verified standards. All the functions of this thermal transfer printer are fixed on the metal frame made of cast aluminium, for greater robustness and durability.

The backlit display guarantees the legibility of the operations in progress, and the functions of the printer can be managed from the printer in an autonomous way. In the event of failure or malfunction of the printer, the display allows to immediately visualize the origin of the problem and to solve it as soon as possible.

Control the entire process, from the design to the printing of your label.

First, design your custom labels with the Cablabel S3 Lite software, supplied with the SQUIX 2 thermal transfer printer. You’ll get a quality final roll label that exactly meets your needs thanks to the many tools available. The Cablabel S3 Lite software does not allow printing of variable barcodes. The Pro version of the Cablabel S3 software allows this type of label printing, as well as the connection and import of databases from the software, installed on a computer. You can try this Pro version for 30 days before installing it permanently on your computer.

The labels are saved as a file that can be kept on a computer, a USB key, or even in the internal memory of the SQUIX 2 printer. All peripheral devices transferring data to the printer can be easily connected using the two available USB ports: one located on the front of the printer under the display, and one on the back of the printer. These ports can be used to connect a keyboard, a barcode reader, a USB key or a service key to the thermal transfer printer.

Once the data has been transferred to its internal memory, the SQUIX 2 printer can operate as a stand-alone printer without the need to be connected to a computer or other host system. The thermal transfer printer can also operate in a network, several CAB printers can be linked together.

Very easy maintenance for long-lasting use of this thermal transfer printer

The large transparent window in the cover allows the rolls of consumables to be observed and their condition to be checked at any time. In addition, it is very easy to change rolls of labels and ribbons. The label roll holder has a spring-loaded, quick-release flange that exerts constant pressure on the label roll as the material advances. The precision of the label printing is then optimized. 

The SQUIX 2 has an internal rewinder. Once printed, the custom label is pre-peeled from the label stock at the printer output, allowing immediate application. The label stock is then rewound using the internal rewinder. The pre-peel edge can be replaced with a deflector plate, and the internal rewinder takes the printed labels and their media.

The options of the SQUIX 2 thermal transfer printer such as the cutter, external rewinder, pre-feed interface or applicator can be easily and quickly connected to the printer with the USB interface on the front of the printer below the display screen.

The SQUIX 2 thermal transfer printer comes with a USB cable, a CD with Cablabel S3 Lite software, and the user manual.

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Options and accessories:

trimmer Trimmer: a blade installed at the label output of the printer enables to cut the base of the roll label after the printing of each label. You have your labels printed in the form of a stack. A customization of the trimmer is possible to perforate the material in addition to the cutting. A collector can be added to the printer, collecting about 50 labels.
External rewinder External rewinder: the external rewinder is connected to the printer, but it is also provided with integrated power supply to operate independently. The rewinding can be internal or external. The tightening straps maintain optimal tension and enable better rewinding.
External unwinder The External unwinder: the label roll is automatically centered during insertion. The rewinding can be internal or external. This accessory is ideal in case of heavy label rolls.
Memory card Memory card: the label layouts designed from the Cablabel S3 software can be saved and stored on a memory card or USB key. These memories later connect to the printer that can then operate independently without being connected to the host system.
CAB-A2+-thermal-transfer- printer-keyboard USB Standard keyboard: the label layouts are designed with the Cablabel S3 software on a computer. They are then saved on a memory card, USB key or in the internal memory of the printer. The keyboard, once connected to the printer by the USB outlet, enables to complete the label layout with the variable information such as numbering. The printer can be used in an independent way without being connected to the computer.
CAB+A2+-thermal- transfer-printer-barcode-verifier CC verifier of linear and 2D barcodes: placed against the printer, the verifier reads the horizontal or vertical barcodes of the label as soon as it comes out of the printer. As soon as an anomaly is detected, the label printing automatically stops in order to warn the user and remove the label whose barcodes are illegible.

Cablabel-S3-Pro-software-thermal-transfer- printer

List of barcodes available for Cablabel S3 Lite and Cablabel S3 Pro versions.


Options and accessoriesCutterExternal rewinderExternal unwinderDC linear and 2D barcode verifier105-key USB alphanumeric keyboard
Price 556 € 575 € 380 € 1 776 € 60 €

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Data sheet

the printer
1 year
Direct thermal and thermal transfer
9 kg
Total roll diameter
90 mm
Print speed
205 mm / s
Printing width
300 dpi: 56,9mm; 600dpi: 54,1mm
300 dpi and 600 dpi
Max. roll diameter
203 mm
Diameter of the ribbon mandrel
25,4 mm
Diameter of the roll core
38 to 76 mm
Outside width of the ribbon
25 - 67 mm
outside width of the roll
4 - 63 mm


Cablabel S3 (FR)

Mode d'emploi logiciel Cablabel S3

Download (3.82M)

Manuel d'utilisation

Download (3.27M)

Manuel de configuration

Download (1.71M)

catalogue produit

Download (2.62M)

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