Votre achat sans risque : échantillons gratuits

Test it yourself before you buy! Our only objective at SBE is that you are satisfied with the products you have ordered from us, this is very important to us. This is why we have systematized our sampling and free lending policy to almost all our product ranges.

Why such a loan and sample policy?

This loan and sample policy has been highlighted since the start of SBE, and has proven its effectiveness in satisfying our customers for more than 20 years. And we have now systematized this on the sbedirect site. You will see that when you visit our product lines, you can easily create a basket of samples and loans.

Of course, all this is free, even sending by rapid carrier to your address, it is part of our customer service that we want to do as much as possible.

We also strongly encourage you to compare our products to those of our competitors where possible. Sometimes two products with (almost) the same name conceal a very different reality and you will be surprised!

Especially try out our labels and adhesives for guaranteed satisfaction

Indeed, our sample policy applies particularly to labels and other adhesive products that we offer here. In view of the multiplicity of adhesives, applications and surfaces, it is often preferable to try out products dedicated to your application, especially if it is a specific use, before we start production. 

Even if we give as much technical information as possible about our products, nothing equals trying out a product in situ. For customized products, the samples that will be sent to you will be identical products produced for other customers.

And now, how?

To find out how to get samples or free product loans, go to FAQ: "Is it possible to receive samples or to loan a product?"

To find out more about the best ways to test our products, we invite you to go to the article "SBE advises/How to test our products yourself".