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Still using manual control of your employees' arrivals and departures, or subscription validation in your sports centres and libraries, you want to modernize at the lowest cost? Choose our range of badge readers

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uhf rfid badge and card reader sbe
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the reader

This UHF RFID reader enables to read only, quickly and contactlessly transponders exclusively in Ultra High Frequency (UHF). This UHF reader can be used in...
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the reader

This waterproof and dustproof barcode badge reader allows you to easily read the stored information This barcode badge reader is a high quality...
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the reader

Magnetic card reader: the solution proposed by SBE to easily read all magnetic cards The characteristics of this magnetic card reader This magnetic...

Reliable and fast reading of all your badges

Thses badge readers are capable of reading barcodes or magnetic badges, they are also non cumbersome and very easy to install. Save considerable time by quickly identifying your employees' passes and other subscription validations by choosing these readers where the quality is high and the price is low