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Still using manual control of your employees' arrivals and departures, or subscription validation in your sports centres and libraries, you want to modernize at the lowest cost? Choose our range of badge readers

RFID badge readers for corporate security

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the reader

Magnetic card reader: the solution proposed by SBE to easily read all magnetic cards The characteristics of this magnetic card reader This magnetic...
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the reader

This UHF RFID badge and card reader allows you to read only, quickly and contactlessly Ultra High Frequency (UHF) transponders. Thanks to its high frequency...
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the reader

This waterproof and dustproof barcode badge reader allows you to easily read the stored information This barcode badge reader is a high quality...

Reliable and fast reading of all your badges

Thses badge readers are capable of reading barcodes or magnetic badges, they are also non cumbersome and very easy to install. Save considerable time by quickly identifying your employees' passes and other subscription validations by choosing these readers where the quality is high and the price is low

What is a badge reader for? 

It is a small, inexpensive reader connected to the USB port of any PC, which can read the information encoded on a badge (barcode, microchip or RFID, magnetic stripe) and restore it on any computer software (Word, Excel, access control software ...).

In general, these readers are used to secure access to a company at a lower cost, but they can also be used for other types of applications such as securing access to the computer itself, or controlling access to an event. 

What does RFID bring to an access badge? 

First of all, what is RFID ? Briefly, Radio Frequency identification is a method of storing and retrieving data remotely. This system is activated by transmission of electromagnetic energy between the radio tag and the radio transmitter. To learn more about RFID, please see our article "Understanding RFID in 10 points."

The advantage of having RFID chip and the readers that go with them: 

  • The cost, much less expensive than a credit card chip.
  • The "contactless", particularly appreciated and necessary nowadays.

This type of installation, RFID or not, is very easy to implement with the simple solutions we present on this page presenting our card readers.

What type of RFID reader should I choose?

There are 2 RFID readers: 

- The UFH RFID reader, it can quickly read your badges, cards and other RFID transmitters both indoors and outdoors. This badge reader can read data from 96 to 128 characters, at a long range up to 15m.

- The USB RFID reader is suitable for fast contactless reading of low frequency and high frequency (LF and HF) badges and cards.  This badge reader can read data from 7 to 14 characters, at a shorter distance of up to 1m.

To learn more about how to use a badge reader, see our article "Which badge reader should you choose to control access to your premises?"

What are the possible uses for the RFID badge reader?

A badge reader can be used for your access control system, workstation authentication, identifying people for your loyalty program or membership cards, but also for stock or inventory management.

Discover our blank and customised RFID badges and cards to complement the use of your RFID reader.