Security Labels

Security labels are essential in companies to authenticate your material and thus avoid any risk of theft. We offer various anti-fraud and anti-theft labels adapted to any environment. Our security labels can be personalised with fixed or variable information (barcode, text, logo, price, serial number...), an asset to identify your goods and optimise your brand image.

Blank and printed anti-theft security labels - SBE Direct

A variety of security labels 

At SBE direct, we offer a variety of blank, roll or customised labels to suit your needs:

VOID labels that identify and secure your property by highlighting its removal and tampering by attaching the adhesive to the substrate with the word VOID visible. This label is very effective in deterring any malicious person. 

Destructible labels with the same function as VOID. Made of 2 layers of strong adhesive and a satin printed surface, these highly resistant labels make it possible to see the tear-off attempt by its crumbling. These labels are ideal for stock management and inventory taking.

Anti-theft labels that detect attempted theft thanks to their radio-frequency or magneto-acoustic technology, which are widely used in shops.

Hologram security labels that allow immediate authentication with the naked eye and are composed of numerous security points. Unforgeable, they are used to seal and secure your confidential documents or copyable products. To better understand the technology behind these labels, read our article.

How to apply your labels so that they last as long as possible? The answer is in this article.

Customised security labels 

To better identify your goods and products, it is essential to affix a label justifying ownership. To do this, you can personalise your labels with fixed or variable information such as a barcode, text or logo. You can also choose between black and coloured printing in the most optimal format. Do not hesitate to contact us for any customisation request and take advantage of our sliding scale prices to save money.

A barcode reader for your labels

If your inventory labels contain a barcode, you can use a barcode reader. At SBE, we offer both wired and wireless scanners that can read 1D and 2D barcodes, helping you to increase productivity and save time. You can also opt for a barcode terminal that reads barcodes, a powerful and ergonomic tool for quick and easy stocktaking.