Anti-theft devices in offices

Did you know that in France every day about 160 disappearances of computer equipment are reported? Are you sure your equipment is safe, around the clock? Here, SBE offers the most complete range of anti-theft

Anti-theft devices in offices - SBE Direct

A wide range of anti-theft devices

products for IT equipment including its renowned anti-theft markings. Tested and put through the ropes in our laboratories, all these products are guaranteed pretty much for life and at a very competitive price. So don't hesitate whether it be for the protection of your data or your computers or to work with peace of mind, our anti-theft products for computer equipment such as SBE anti-theft markings offer real and serious protection against theft and will satisfy you.

Anti-theft solutions for a variety of devices

From simple adhesive anti-theft labels to mobile class, our range can meet any need and our products are compatible with the most popular brands of electronic devices. All our solutions protect your hardware from theft and tampering. 

adhesive anti-theft labels

As a first resort to identify your equipment, opt for a permanent and unalterable adhesive anti-theft label. This label deters theft and allows your computer or tablet to be traced. For maximum security, personalise your anti-theft labels with your logo, text, sequential numbering, etc.

anti-theft support for tablets

Our practical iPad and tablet anti-theft devices secure the use of your devices and prevent their theft thanks to its fixable and unbreakable metal support as well as an anti-theft cable and a key for locking and unlocking. Our anti-theft devices are compatible with different models of Apple, Samsung, Huawei...etc

- security notch

We offer notches for devices that do not have one. Placed on the back of your device, you will be able to pass through a tear-proof anti-theft cable to protect your device from theft.

anti-theft cables

We have a wide range of steel cables, resistant to tearing, with a secure key or combination lock. This device is the prerequisite for essential security of your valuables.

USB locks

In the desktop anti-theft category, we offer packs of USB locks with their locking key. These small tips block the USB ports on your PC tower or laptop, preventing unauthorised devices from connecting. Data leakage is thus prevented.

Charging cabinets and mobile charging cart

This equipment is very practical to store and charge your computers and tablets safely. Our bestseller, the mobile charging cart, is a mobile security cabinet that allows you to charge and transport your devices at the same time. To find out more about the mobile charging cart, please read our article.

You will also find anti-theft devices for audiovisual equipment such as an anti-theft cable for remote control and an anti-theft support for video projector