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Within this category you will find all the equipment necessary for the protection of the respiratory tract, including : Respiratory protection masks.

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Non-sterile 3-ply surgical mask. Available in blue, this polypropylene mask is recommended for medical use.
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Mask with black fiber helmet for welding (without lens). To be completed with glasses ref. 183 and 184 (Dimension 75 X 98 Mm)
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FFP1 mask with activated carbon. Lightweight and comfortable, this mask is recommended against dust and smoke.
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FFP1 disposable filtering mask with valve and activated carbon. Lightweight and comfortable, this mask is effective for the protection of users exposed to...
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Anti-dust mask with activated carbon exhalation valve. This mask has a polypropylene outer filtering layer and a cotton inner layer. For added comfort, the...
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Lightweight and comfortable FFP3 filtering mask with exhalation valve and adjustable elastic bands. Ideal against very fine dust and asbestos. This mask is...
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FFP2 dust mask, light and comfortable with an exhalation valve and 2 elastics. The outer layer is made of polypropylene and the inner layer of cotton. For...
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FFP1 dust mask with light and comfortable shell, without valve. Equipped with 2 welded elastics and an adjustable nose bridge for a perfect fit. The outer...
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Foldable FFP2 mask with exhalation valve. Lightweight and comfortable to wear, this mask is designed to be dustproof. Its outer layer is made of filtering...
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Foldable, anti-dust and disposable FFP3 mask with exhalation valve and non-traumatic PVC-free aluminum nose bridge for better comfort. Equipped with 2...
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Optoelectronic helmet mask with solar power for electric arc welding. Darkening time 0,0005 s. Operating temperature 5c - 55c. The dark shade can be...

It is not uncommon on a building site, in a laboratory, in a factory or in a craftsman's workshop, for products or processes to be used and implemented which nevertheless represent a risk.

This is why we have decided to introduce our range of respiratory protection masks. This way, you can ensure the safety and health of your employees' respiratory tracts in the workplace.

All our respirators are EN149 compliant.

Discover our wide range of respiratory protection masks without further delay! Do you have a question? Need more information? Our teams are available to answer your questions. Contact us.

Would you also like to equip your site with a sign warning of the obligation to wear a respiratory protection mask? Discover our obligation and indication signs :