Lead seals

Are you sure that your electrical installation is protected from any intrusion? The best seal for many applications of this type remains the lead seal. This range of low price lead seals will allow you to completely seal your installations of all types: it delivers maximum security at lower cost. With these lead seals, experience peace of mind with our safe, inexpensive range which guarantees that no one has opened or tampered with your installation without authorization.

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the coil

The Reel of Beaded Wire is the indispensable accessory for assembly of your lead seal Combined with either our natural lead seal or our coloured...
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1000 seals

Here is the plastic colored lead-type seal, same use as natural steel seal but more economical and environmentally friendly for your electrical maintenance...
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1000 seals

The natural lead seal is made of stainless steel specially designed to seal your electrical installation traditionally. This is the best known product and...
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the package of 1200

This is our most economical plastic crush seal. This meets safety standards! This small plastic seal in polypropylene consists of a head of 10.31 x...
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the 1000 seals

Here is the most economical seal! It is indeed an ecological alternative for your electrical maintenance teams. The seal is made of a gray copolymer...
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the clamp

These sealing pliers are the ideal tool to crush your seals and thus make them permanent. Indeed, your teams will be able to maintain your electrical...
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the suitcase

This is the product most used by all electrical maintenance teams. The 9mm seal is made of notox plastic specially designed to seal your...
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the pack of 100

Discover our electric meter security seals recommended by many of our customers. Whether you are responsible for security, maintenance or general services...

Discover our full range of lead seals

There are different types of seal, made of plastic or stainless steel, depending on use and budget. Their role is to quickly secure your installations, easily ensure the traceability and locking of your goods and deter any attempt at breaking and entering. 

Easy to use lead seals

These security seals are quick to install and adapt to any environment thanks to their resistance to temperatures ranging from -40° to +50°. They are also resistant to a 3kg pull. These seals do not interfere with the use of the sealed object and are ideal for maintenance purposes.

All our seals are available in a range of colours to differentiate your equipment. For more security, we can engrave your seals with a specific number or you can do it yourself with a sealing pliers. Please contact us via our online help for more information.

These plastic seals are truly the economical solution to ensure the safety of your electrical installations, dangerous products, goods, transport, etc.