Safes & Locks

Secure your valuables, confidential documents or lockers and cupboards with our high quality safes, security locks and carrying cases for maximum security.

Economical high security safes and padlocks - SBE Direct

A wide choice of security equipment 

Security is our core business, which is why we offer you the most resistant devices to protect your valuable goods, money, sensitive documents and access to your facilities. 

A safe place in your premises

Our safes are made in Germany and offer exceptional value for money. With this security device, all your belongings will be safe. Our safes are suitable for all types of contents and above all for all types of risk. Our safes are the most resistant on the market and comply with European security standards. Their tamper-proof lock, with key or electronic, makes it easy to manage access to your safe.

For more information on how to choose your safe, see our blog post.

High security locking with our padlocks

Discover our many security padlocks to prevent access to a cabinet, file, office, warehouse, container...etc.

Economical, these German made padlocks are known for their strong resistance thanks to their brass or stainless steel body, perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Easy to use, these padlocks can be unlocked with a single key, a pass key or a combination to ensure maximum security for authorised persons. 

You can personalise your padlocks with sequential numbering for optimised access management.

Secure transport of your goods

Do you often travel with your laptop and sensitive documents as part of your professional activity? It is then essential to protect your equipment to prevent theft and data leakage with a secure and waterproof transport case.

Lightweight and lockable, our carrying cases are a reliable and easy-to-use solution for securing your belongings. You have the option of having the interior foam pre-cut to the size of your equipment so that it is protected from impact.