Security Asset Labels

Discover the range of VOID labels that we propose to you in order to secure and increase the reliability of your inventories like laser labels and barcode labels. In addition to inventorying your goods, they allow you to seal them. Any attempt to open them will be visible thanks to the super strong adhesive and the inscription of the word VOID. 

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the label

The objective of the VOID asset label is to help you perform an inventory with reliable barcode labels, that effectively secure your goods, and at a...
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the label

The purpose of this color print barcode label is to make an inventory with reliable labels that effectively secure your goods, and also at a reasonable...

The VOID label, why adopt it?

Professionals are becoming more and more aware that it is necessary for them and for the reliability of their inventories to equip themselves with VOID labels such as the barcode label.

This VOID label is specially designed for complex environments and regular inventories that involve handling. It can withstand temperatures from -40° to +180°, as well as oil, humidity, cleaning products and UV rays.

A neat finish

This VOID label is composed of three layers with an impeccable finish.

The first layer is the very aggressive acrylic adhesive VOID (metallic or white) guaranteeing an excellent hold. It will leave a trace, both on the label itself, and on the product, in case it is torn off.

The second layer is the flexible transparent polyester backing, which is resistant to humidity and common cleaning products.

The third layer is the surface treatment of satin material that effectively absorbs the label printing inks that will become embedded in the surface.

A customizable VOID label

To facilitate your stock management and optimize your brand image, it is possible to include variable information on your VOID labels such as numbers, barcodes, QR codes, as well as fixed information: texts and logos. The printing is in high resolution thanks to the use of very high performance wax/resin ribbons for a high quality rendering.

Personalize your own VOID labels with a thermal transfer printer. Save time and money.

A high level of security

These non-transferable labels guarantee you an optimal level of security because once applied to the material in question, they will leave a VOID marking if they are torn off. Thanks to these VOID labels, you will have irrefutable proof that an attempt was made to open the object or that someone simply wanted to remove the label. Once torn off, the tag is not reusable.