Security Asset Labels

Polyester asset labels, Inventory tags, laser asset labels, tamper evident VOID labels, barcode labels: Discover our solutions to secure and increase the reliability of your inventories

Security Asset Labels - SBE Direct

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The secure inventory tag, why adopt it?

Professionals are increasingly aware that it is necessary for the reliability of their inventories to equip themselves with secure inventory tags such as the barcode label.

Never make mistakes again with your inventories by using the barcode label. Each label offered on our website can be customizable according to your needs and preferences in order to strengthen your brand image.

A high level of security

These non-transferable labels guarantee an optimal level of security since once applied on the equipment in question they will leave a VOID mark if they are ripped off. With these security asset labels, you will then have the irrefutable proof that there has been an attempt to open the item or that someone simply tried to remove the label.