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Laptop anti-theft tag, anti-theft laptop cable or strong cabinet for laptops, discover here our solutions against the theft of portable computers.


Laptop and Computer Anti-Theft, High Security Cables

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the cable

This white ultralight keyed laptop lock can be carried anywhere. Practical, economical, extremely easy to use, ultralight (75 g) and easy to store. This...
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Computers are still a highly prized possession and attempts to steal them are still very common. The lock slot on computers is a device used to physically...
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the lock

Our anti-theft device for Macbook Pro 13 and 16" is compatible with the 2019 and 2020 models. This anti-theft device allows you to secure your Macbook which...
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the cable

Safe-Tech laptop antitheft cable This antitheft cable for laptop is a very effective solution to protect your laptop, notebook and other electronic devices....
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the cable

Discover the Multi-head laptop security cable. This PC-laptop antitheft cable is ideal for securing multiple notebooks and laptops simultaneously....
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This antitheft anchor plate is indispensable if you do not have a suitable anchor point. It is sufficiently sturdy and you can attach your antitheft laptop...
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This safe for computers with electronic lock allows protection of your computers and your binders in the company as well as in a training room or in an...
special notebook integral anchor below the keyboard en.
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Discover the special notebook integral anchor This computer anchor is a radical solution that safeguards your equipment from theft. It is a genuine...
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the label

Because a stolen business computer or phone is often a source of stress. If you want an effective way to secure your digital assets in an inexpensive,...
eco laptop blue color security cable with keys en
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the cable

Colored, very light, economical, fine and practical anti-theft laptop cable, to carry with you everyday. This anti-theft cable for laptop is an extremely...
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Pack of 100

These abrasive pads have been designed to prepare your surfaces for gluing or painting. Indeed, these non-woven squares will allow you to sand a surface as...
laptop high security cable
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The cable

High-security anti-theft laptop cable: Are you looking for a reliable solution that is good value for money? The High Security Anti-theft Laptop Cable is a...

Laptop anti-theft devices are now part of the everyday essentials

The democratization of the personal computer, the laptop or the tablet combined with the miniaturization of mobile devices has increased the probability of loss and theft enormously. PCs, tablets and mobile phones are now among the most often stolen equipment. The theft of laptops is currently in sharp resurgence, due their higher value than tablets and their easy resale. To avoid this sutation, an  anti-theft  laptop cable or any laptop anti-theft device is strongly recommended.

PC anti-theft cable: discover the many advantages

With our range of anti-theft devices for portable devices, you will be strongly protected against PC theft. You will find a variety of steel cables, resistant to tearing, with a secure key or combination lock. This device is a prerequisite for the necessary security of your valuables.

Anti-theft marking for laptops

To secure and identify your computer equipment on your premises or on business trips, you can use an affordable anti-theft tag. This anti-theft label can be stuck on all your devices such as phones, tablets, computers, cameras, etc. It reduces the risk of theft, certifies your property and allows you to find your lost equipment thanks to the number on the label registered in our database. 

To identify your goods, we offer you to personalise your anti-theft marking in your colours. We can print your logo, text, sequential numbering, barcode, etc. This solution will reinforce your brand image.

Safes and security cases

To store your computer equipment on your premises, opt for a laptop safe. Our safe has a choice of electronic or biometric lock, allowing you to protect your electronic items and confidential data. It secures your belongings from any theft attempt thanks to its thick steel body and its resistance.

To transport and secure your computer or tablet, you can choose an aluminium security case. This case with 2 combination locks is delivered with a steel anti-theft cable that can be fixed on any type of support (desk stand, anchor plate, luggage rack...). Thus, it will never be stolen and its contents will be protected.

Tested and approved by many of our customers for many years, available quickly and at highly discounted rates, our anti-theft solutions are the best to protect and secure your laptop and tablet.

For more information on anti-theft cables for notebooks or other anti-theft devices for laptop computers, please visit our information pages: