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    SATO CG2 Compact Thermal Transfer Printer

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    Thanks to the SATO thermal transfer printer, you will now be able to print premium technical labels in rolls either individually or sequentially. You can obtain a print quality that is similar to the labels we print and displayed in the beginning of the catalog. These SATO thermal printers are ideal for performing an inventory, referencing and labeling of any type of asset with the help of texts, barcode labels or variable sequences of numbers and logos.

    The SATO CG2 Thermal Transfer printer, a compact solution for label printing, delivering unmatched performance

    The SATO thermal transfer printer prints adhesive labels, cardstock labels, tickets and wristbands. Easy to use, ultra-compact and perfectly suitable for printing labels on demand for small volumes of labeling requirements or print apps meant for wristbands, the CG2 series printers are the best desktop printers in its class.

    The CG2 can operate independently, by using the SATO numeric keypad, without connecting to the computer during printing. The compact size of this thermal transfer printer makes it ideal for small spaces; store or back office operators can use the function keys that simplify the printing process, thus easily meeting their printing requirements. The CG2 has a low resolution printing option of 203 dpi or high resolution option of 305 dpi needed to print texts and barcode labels, 2D codes and very small labels such as those used in pharmaceutical and electronic industries for labeling electronic components or samples. The special antimicrobial box of these printers is made of an inorganic antimicrobial material, and can thus be used in environments where cleanliness and hygiene are of paramount importance and where a high security level is essential.

    The wide opening of the hood that integrates the print head, allows the easy refilling of consumables. The simple printing and dispensing mechanism of the printer allows the new user to load the labels himself. The SATO thermal printer has been built to ensure easy maintenance; the print heads and the rubber roller (platen) can be replaced without tools.

    Sato CG2 printer is ready for RFID1, and offers an economical label printing solution RFID HF (optional).

    The most common applications of the SATO CG2 Thermal Transfer printer

    Price and shelf labels, labels for special offers, labels for returned goods, patient identification wristbands, labeling of samples, access control and client management, product authentication, especially for monitoring articles, counterfeiting and detached parts, etc. Label printing is always impeccable.

    The SATO CG2 Thermal Transfer printer is delivered with a power cable, a CD and a user manual, along with necessary certificates such as the warranty.

    SBE recommends: How to choose the best label printer

    Options and accessories of the SATO CG2 thermal printer :

    Options / accessoriesPriceVisual
    RFID HF: Kit for printing labels, encoding and reading HF RFID labels 13.56 MHz.-RFID-SATO-CG2-thermal-transfer-printer
    Distributor: it allows the removal of the label for immediate application.139€sato-cg2-thermal-transfer-printer-distributor
    Trimmer: this enables you to cut hard labels accurately and individually as well as to print and cut labels in a continuous roll.176€-SATO-CG2-thermal-transfer-printer-trimmer
    External rewinder: This enables the labels to be wrapped at the printer exit. This accessory can be powered by the printer or an optional power module. There is a wide range of SATO rewinders.838,50€sato-cg2-thermal-transfer-printer-external-rewinder
    Unwinder: this is the ideal solution for rolls with large diameter. The thermal transfer printer chassis is placed under the printer that not only saves a significant amount of space, but also accounts for its increased strength and resilience.205€sato-cg2-thermal-transfer-printer-external-unwinder
    Cleaning Kit: It is important to regularly clean the label print head of the printer to maintain good label printing quality and increase its life. A cleaning kit includes a head cleaning sheet, 12 cotton swabs, 12 pre-saturated cleaning cards, a glove and a brush.8€sato-cg2-thermal-transfer-printer-cleaning-kit
    Memory expansion: While the internal memory of the thermal transfer printer is larger, it enables the storing of a complete library with graphics and label templates.-sato-cg2-thermal-transfer-printer-external-memory

    To understand how best to choose your label printer, read our article on the 4 questions to ask yourself before buying a printer.


    Data sheet

    the printer
    1 year
    Catalog code
    A031 B031 C034 D033 E092 F092
    Thermal / Digital Transfer
    1.6 kg
    128 x 235 x 173 mm
    Total roll diameter
    128 mm
    Print speed
    100 mm / s
    Printing width
    56 mm
    203 dpi and 305 dpi
    Max. roll diameter
    130 mm
    Diameter of the ribbon mandrel
    12,7 mm
    Diameter of the roll core
    25,4 mm
    Outside width of the ribbon
    59 mm
    outside width of the roll
    60 mm


    Imprimante CG2 (FR)

    Fiche Technique Imprimante TTH compacte SATO CG2

    Download (679.8k)

    Printer CG2 (EN)

    Data sheet TTH compact printer SATO CG2

    Download (513.47k)

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    Resolution 203dpi Ref. IMP-TT-CG2-203

    Quantités Prix € HT
    1 799 €

    Resolution 305dpi Ref. IMP-TT-CG2-305

    Quantités Prix € HT
    1 1006 €

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