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SBE offers you its customised, round the neck polyester cords and as well as blank polyester cords with badge-holder

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the 100 cords

This customized neckloop is the best way to highlight your badges, your company identity and ensure a perfect identification of your staff. This lanyard...
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the 100 cords

Highlight your badges in an exceptional way using this remarkable personalized four-color print neckloop: for better identification of your staff or your...

Choose your favourite badge from our complete line of SBE badges holders

You may have high quality badges and badge holders, but without effective cords for your badges, your investment will not pay off. The badge-holder cord is essential: the customised or blank polyester round the neck cord is the most visible element at first glance, so the badge-holder cord is the first element that will enhance the security of your organization and reflect the image of your company.

The range of badge-holder neck cords that we offer to you at SBE ensures you both maximum visibility and incomparable elegance and finish

Your badge cords, aka round the neck, will thus be highly visible, your clothing protected and the brand image of your company enhanced thanks, in particular, to numerous customisations that we offer (colours, materials, inscriptions…) and different models (cord, zip, badge…). These badges will combine pragmatism and elegance, all at highly degressive rates, thus making our badge-holders very affordable.