Becoming a SBE reseller

5 reasons to become a SBE reseller

  • Our products are the result of a rigorous selection and high quality. You will receive a single source for all your identification and physical security of goods to your customers. You do not waste time looking for the technical solutions you require your customers who are not necessarily of your business.
  • You will receive a clear offer, not segmented in industrial technical products, but uses simple and understandable by all business as your customers. Our job is to facilitate access to high-performance products and sometimes complex. And greater efficiency, access your personal dealer will give you direct access to this site to your purchase price resellers stored, from which you can order immediately.
  • Starting with the Lock Plate Unbreakable SBE, SBE patented product which is actually an identification mark inviolable and unique. And responding to the needs of your customers with exclusive products SBE (follow the symbol "Exclusive" on this site).
  • These products are designed, developed and produced exclusively by SBE, meet the real needs in our marketplace and are not elsewhere than us.
  • This exclusive product line includes products for which SBE is exclusive importer for France, and acts as a wholesaler.
  • The supply of SBE goes beyond the products shown on this site, we usually adapt to the demands of the most particular customers of our resellers, but is not a problem, we take care of everything.
  • First, much of customized products are naturally as labels and signage. The customization process is considerably simplified for your work and that your client is minimal: automatic personalization module, standard formats, recovery logos and visual quality, corrected proof before production ... We take care of everything.
  • In addition, our sales engineers are always available to assist you with any specific requests of your customers. We know not only successfully meet the extraordinary demands catalog the most eccentric, but we know make technical prowess to meet the highest demands in terms of identification and security. Test us and you will understand.
  • Finally, we provide technical support and after-sales attentive, we are available to answer any difficulties and demands of your customers after the sale or production. We do not require you to provide your own technical support unless you want to. We do not come into contact with your customers on your application, never live.
  • Most non-personalized products are in stock at SBE. Product availability is indicated on the site for everyone.
    This means that you can respond quickly to customer needs without having to store your own products.
    We can deliver your customers directly if you wish or when you pass by the delivery address you specify in your order.
  • The sales team will assist SBE at all times to effectively respond to your customer requests or specific catalog. Well we master all the techniques in our products and know precisely meet the most stringent demands.
  • In addition, we have long experience of monitoring our dealers and you will know the benefit, we can help you and guide you when it comes to responding to tenders of your customers. Finally, your dealer area on this site will give you a set of very practical and effective features:
    • Your rates stored immediately available to prepare your tender
    • Your quotes directly online with a few clicks customers to prepare your proposals
    • Your sample requests and loan products directly from the site
    • Immediately know which products are in stock and ready to ship for exceptional responsiveness to your customers
    • Personalize your labels directly on the site quickly and present a first model for your customer to illustrate your quote
    • Place your orders directly from the site with your rates stored for easy
    • Let us deliver directly to your customers if you want to even shorter deadlines

Become an SBE reseller in 3 easy steps

1. Open an account your customer or login here.

2. Give us a little more information about you

3. We will contact you within a few days to confirm your SBE reseller status.