Votre garantie satisfait échangé ou remboursé

By placing an order on the Sbedirect website, you automatically benefit from our "Satisfied, Exchanged or refunded" guarantee. You can therefore exchange an item within 7 days of receiving said item, provided it is an item in stock and not customized. 

Customized products

Customized products are mainly printed products according to your specifications such as labels, stickers and badges. We take all necessary precautions before starting production of this type of product: free samples so you can perform your tests and a Ready to Print that we will ask you to check and sign. It is extremely rare for an error to occur. However, if a printing error occurred we would restart production at our expense without discussing, as a matter of urgency, so that you are not penalized by an additional delay.

On the other hand, customized products are neither exchangeable nor refundable if the product itself (material, adhesive, printing) does not match your expectation (therefore it is important to carry out pre-tests in advance), or if the printing contains an error on your part. In this case, if you so wish we would recommence production at a reduced cost and as an urgent priority. 

For more information, see our general terms and conditions of sale.

Products in stock

Products in stock are all standard products you can find on this site, such as A4 label boards for laser printers, anti-theft cables, accessories… If any of these products are not suitable for you, we will be able take back the product and offer a replacement product that is better suited to you, or proceed to a refund if you have already paid for it.

If the product contains a manufacturing defect, we will replace it immediately as part of its warranty. 
In all cases, we will ask you to return the products within 7 days in their original packaging in the same condition as previously.

To find out how to use this warranty, read all the FAQs in“Returning a Product".

Find out more about our terms of sale.