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On a construction site or in a laboratory, the protection of employees is essential. There are multiple categories of personal protective equipment (PPE), including : Eye protection. Discover our complete range of eye protection equipment !

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Goggles for welder with folding glasses (Din 5). Adjustable elastic. Protection against mechanical risks, sparks and projections.
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Extra-strong, ultra-lightweight frameless goggles with clear lenses and temples. Scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses. Excellent ventilation. 99.9% UV...
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Mesh protective visor with forehead support and elastic band
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Mask with black fiber helmet for welding (without lens). To be completed with glasses ref. 183 and 184 (Dimension 75 X 98 Mm)
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Optoelectronic helmet mask with solar power for electric arc welding. Darkening time 0,0005 s. Operating temperature 5c - 55c. The dark shade can be...

There are many tasks on a building site or in a laboratory that pose a significant risk to the eyes. For example, when welding, sparks can be a hazard, when laying roofs, UV radiation can seriously damage the eyesight of roofers, and splashes of chemicals or gases in a laboratory can pose a high risk of blindness.

All our eye protection products comply with the EN166 standard. In addition, our vision protection products are all optical class 1. This means that they offer you the best possible quality, allowing you to wear your glasses all day long and ensuring optimal optical comfort.

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Would you also like to equip your site with a sign warning of the obligation to wear protective glasses? Discover our obligation and indication signs :