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Laptop and tablets charging stations , reinforced laptop cupboard, charging box, secure laptop trolley, charging trolley: discover the solutions we offer to secure your computer equipment.

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the strong cabinet

A high-security charging cabinet ensuring the security and protection of your IT equipment. This armored strongbox is ideal for storing and protecting...

Protect your laptops and tablets from theft in computer rooms with our anti-theft safes and cabinets

Computer rooms are often coveted for the value of the furniture they contain. It is therefore essential for you, professionals, to equip yourself with anti-theft devices to ensure the security of your computer rooms whether for private or public use.

To meet this need, SBE offers a complete range of anti-theft devices for computer rooms: strong cabinets, mobile classes, and recharging safes to transport and secure your educational digital equipment such as tablets and laptops.

The advantages of our strong anti-theft cabinets, mobile classes, and recharging safes

  • Quality finishes
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Easy to use
  • Adapts to all types of computers
  • High level of security

Thus, protect your computer equipment with our high-performance products made in Europe: 100% reliable, these equipments, strong cabinet and mobile class, will significantly increase the security of your computer rooms while respecting European standards, certified ISO 9001.

The mobile class for secure management of your laptops and tablets

A mobile class is a piece of furniture with wheels that allows you to transport and charge your laptops and tablets safely and effortlessly. It's a very practical solution for businesses but also for educational institutions to secure the digital tools made available to students.

Our mobile classes are designed to support heavy loads and are shock resistant thanks to their 3mm steel body. They contain removable padded shelves and can integrate up to 30 additional 220V electrical outlets to charge a multitude of computers and tablets. A fan and ventilation grilles are strategically placed to dissipate the heat generated. Security is enhanced by doors with secure locking, using an electronic lock or a key lock, both tested for their anti-theft effectiveness.

Their level of security is optimal thanks to the electronic lock or the key lock, both tested to attest to their anti-theft protection.

Our solutions also include advanced features such as tablet chargers, cable management system, optimizing the interaction between the technical area and the tablets. Moreover, thanks to a managed Apple ID, and integration with Apple School Manager, our mobile classes offer complete and secure management of PC tablets and laptops, including specific models like mobile class iPad.

Interested in this tool? Discover our mobile class models that can contain up to 30 laptops and tablets.

ReferenceLockCapacity laptops and tabletsWeightDimensions in cmNumber of shelvesSeries electrical outlets
SEP-COF-CR-E Electronic / key 30 computers and tablets 45kg 111.5 x 46 x 72 cm 30 30 of 220V
SEP-COF-CM10 Electronic / key 10 computers / 20 tablets 80kg 100cm x 68.5cm x 52 cm 5 10 of 220V
SEP-COF-CM20 Electronic / key 20 computers / 30 tablets 114kg 100cm x 91cm x 52cm 10 20 of 220V

How to install a mobile class?

Installing a mobile class is simple and quick.

The wiring and startup of the recharging cart is easily done through the front and rear doors.

You will need to plug in the power cord and network cable into the designated outlets. The mobile class can then recharge your digital devices by plugging them into the power outlets located on the inner walls of the mobile class. Thus, the use of your equipment will be optimal.

For more information on mobile classes, check out our article.