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Laptop and tablets charging stations , reinforced laptop cupboard, charging box, secure laptop trolley, charging trolley: discover the solutions we offer to secure your computer equipment.

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This very robust charging cabinet protects and secures your tablets (iPad, Galaxy Tab ...), tablets PCs and laptops while recharging. This charging cart for...
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the mobile trunk

This secure mobile cart for tablets, allows you to protect and store your laptops as well as your tablets. This secure mobile cart, for laptops...

Protect your PC and tablets against theaft in IT rooms

IT rooms are often much-coveted due to the value of the mobile equipment they contain. It is therefore essential for you as a professional, to provide anti-theft measures to ensure the security of your computer rooms whether they be for private or public use.

For this purpose, SBE offers you a complete range of anti-theft solutions for computer rooms: high security laptop trolley, tablet charging cart and charging box or mobile tablet trolley for computers and tablets.

The advantages of our reinforced laptop cupboards, high-security mobile cart, tablet charging cart and charging boxes for computer rooms

  • Quality finishes
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Adapts to all types of computers
  • High level of security

Protect your property and the room itself using our high performance products: 100% reliable, our mobile tablet trolley and our tablet and laptop charging cart will greatly increase the security of your computer rooms.