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These thermal transfer printers allow you to print your technical labels yourself (barcode labels, RFID labels, textiles labels…) according to your needs in a professional way, while obtaining a final label of a quality close to the one we offer ourselves.

Thermal transfer printer and black and colour ink ribbons

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The ink ribbon for thermal transfer labels is specially designed to print labels for textile and to stick to them.  The thermal transfer ribbon...
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You have purchased a Sato thermal transfer printer and you wish to label your assets using technical labels. This resin ribbon or wax/resin ribbon,...
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pack of 10 rolls

Once you have chosen the technical labels that will best identify your assets, opt for the special resin ribbon for CAB Thermal transfer printer to obtain...
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This UV ink thermal transfer ribbon is designed to print security labels with variable data (barcode, name, logo...) in order to identify your goods...
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The SATO WS4 thermal transfer printer is a compact and high-quality label printing solution. A compact 4” versatile SATO printer The SATO WS4...
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The CAB EOS2 thermal transfer printer allows you to print your own personalized labels according to your needs with a variable logo, text, numbering and /...
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The CAB EOS5 thermal transfer label printer allows you to print your own customised labels with a variable logo, text, numbering and/or barcode. The labels...
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With the SQUIX 4 thermal transfer label printer, you have the ability to print your own labels. Customized labels can include a logo, text, variable...
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Thanks to this thermal transfer printer SQUIX 2, you can print your own labels. The roll label can have a logo, text, numbering and/or a variable barcode....

Thermal transfer printers presented here are adapted to all needs and activities.

From small mobile thermal printers that can be taken into the field to industrial strength thermal printers, you can easily find the right thermal transfer printer for printing a barcode label for example.

Thermal transfer technology is optimal for printing barcodes on labels or thermal transfer ribbons. These thermal printers, unlike inkjet or laser printers, provide better protection for the label print.

The label printers we offer in various forms are SATO printers or CAB printers, a renowned manufacturer and supplier of label printers.

The label printing will be as easy and fast as possible. We can also supply you with the ink ribbons and label rolls that match the thermal transfer printer you have.

If you're looking to buy your first label printer, we recommend you read our article on the top 10 questions to ask yourself before buying a printer.

Two printing methods to best print your custom labels

There are two methods of printing with our label printers: 

  • Thermal transfer: Thermal transfer printing technology uses heat to transfer the ink from the ribbon to the substrate. This printing technique is suitable for long-term labels. 
  • Direct Thermal: In this case there is no need for ink ribbons, thanks to a thermal print head with heating resistor. This means that the chemically treated paper will blacken on contact with the heat. This printing is ideal for short-term labels.

Depending on the printing options, you can compare our self-adhesive label printers. And if you are not sure which printing option is right for you, we offer printers with a choice of thermal transfer or direct thermal printing. 

Choosing your printer by printing context

There are many types of printers, but they can be divided into three categories. Depending on your purpose and environment, it is best to choose a certain model:

  • Industrial printers: large, robust and durable printers suitable for harsh environments. They combine high print quality with fast printing capabilities to ensure traceability of items, parts and materials in your industry.
  • Desktop printer: a more compact and versatile printer. Because of their small size, they are easy to transport and set up in the office. It is suitable for shipping labels and printed item identification labels.
  • Portable printer: Lightweight, self-contained and portable, this type of printer can store a lot of information without connecting to a PC. They are ideal for evaluated or labelled samples.

This classification obviously applies to printers supplied by SBE Direct:

  • The following printers can be found among the industrial printers: CL4NX Plus, SQUIX 2 and SQUIX 4
  • SATO CT4-LX, WS4 and CG2 are SATO desktop printers. CAB EOS2, EOS5, MACH 4S printers are compatible with this environment. 
  • We supply the PV3 printers as portable label printers. 

To better understand the difference between each printer, I suggest you read the following article: How to choose the best label printer? which will allow you to compare all our printers according to several features.

Label rolls with different print widths

At SBE direct you can choose between our different rolls of polypropylene thermal labels, polyester labels (metallic colour or white labels), destructible labels and VOID labels.

Depending on the size of the labels you choose, you need to choose the right label printer. Not all printers accept all label sizes. Here is a summary table of the widths accepted by our printers: 

Maximum width
Sato WS4 104mm
SATO CG2 56mm
Sato PV3 104mm
Sato CT4-LX 128mm
Sato CL4NX Plus 104mm
CAB MACH 4S (203dpi) : 104 mm - (300dpi) 108,4 mm – (600dpi) 105,7 mm
Cab EOS2 ou EOS5 108 mm pour 203 dpi et 105,7 pour 300dpi
Cab SQUIX4 (203dpi) : 104 mm - (300dpi) 108,4 mm – (600dpi) 105,7 mm
Cab SQUIX 2 (300 dpi) : 56,9 mm - (600dpi) : 54,1

Ink ribbons: an essential part of thermal transfer printing

ink ribbon exampleThermal transfer printing requires the installation of ink ribbons in the label printer. The heat melts the ink to deposit it on the self-adhesive label. Our ink ribbons are all internally inked and therefore compatible with all our printers. We recommend that you buy the consumables for your label printer brand, so for SATO printers it is advisable to use SATO ink ribbons to ensure compatibility. 

The quality of the ink should be chosen according to the label material. If you have chosen a synthetic label (polypropylene, polyester, etc.), we recommend a resin or higher resin ink. Wax and wax/resin are more suitable for paper labels.

The creation of specific labels 

Customise your textile labels with our kit

There are specialised textile label printers that require different labels and ink ribbons. SBE offers you to create your own textile labels:

  • A CAB SQUIX 4 thermal transfer label printer model MT 
  • 15 special textile thermal transfer ribbons 
  • 15 rolls of non-adhesive nylon textile labels TTh 

Print and code your own smart labels

With our RFID thermal transfer label printer, you can now read and encode RFID labels yourself easily and consistentrfid labels printerly. Print your own advanced smart labels directly from your premises. This RFID label printer gives you the ability to customize your own Ultra High Frequency (UHF) smart labels which equates to wavelengths between 860 and 960Mhz. RFID labels are a real asset for a better traceability of products as well as for the inventory of goods in warehouses.