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Use our large range of labels sheets to create your own custom labels. The A4 label sheets are designed to be used with laser printers (most commun) and sometimes inkjet printers. Adhesive labels are available in many different sizes and adhesives to best suit your needs and projects. We only offer synthetic label sheets, which are more suitable for the needs of professionals.

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the box of 100 sheets

With an average life of 5 years, this label is perfect for marking long-lasting items. Its matte coated white polyolefin film and permanent acrylic adhesive...
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the box of 100 sheets

Ideal for the marking of bottles, bottles, vitrophanie in inside and outside, this translucent label has an average life of 3 years. Its composition of...


The different materials offered by SBE Direct

We only offer A4 label sheets made of synthetic materials, mainly polyester and polypropylene.

Synthetic labels are significantly more durable than paper labels, which will fade more quickly. They are more adapted to temperature changes and bad weather and can therefore be used inside and outside

Moreover, synthetic adhesive labels are particularly resistant to aggressions such as industrial cleaners, grease, UV...

The advantage of this quality of self-adhesive label is that you have the choice between different finishes: glossy or matt finish as well as transparent labels.

What sizes and colors are available? 

custom label sheets printed In our wide range of labels, we offer different colors of labels to meet the needs of our customers.  You can choose between white, silver, transparent or colored (yellow, blue, green, red) label sheets.

The ultra-resistant double-adhesive labels, the polyester double-adhesive labels and the blank VOID labels are all offered in metallic colors.  

In transparent labels, we only offer translucent laboratory labels (glossy coated finish) and transparent economic polyester labels (matte coated finish).

The self-adhesive polyester label sheets are offered in different colors: blue, red and green in stock and yellow only on request. 

The rest of our self-adhesive synthetic labels are in white finish.

All our self-adhesive labels are in A4 format. Obviously, the number of labels per sheet depends on the size chosen. Some are per 100 sheets, others per 1000 labels. 

How can I custom my labels sheets? 

nicelabel label designer softwareBecause of their A4 format, all the self-adhesive labels we offer are compatible with black and white office laser printers as well as color laser printers. 

However, if you have an inkjet printer, we can offer you the self-adhesive polyester label which is compatible with this type of printing.

Moreover, if you wish to create personalized labels with barcodes, QR codes and other variables on our label sheets, we suggest you the Nicelabel label creation software. It accepts all printers and allows you to create label sheets quickly with just one sample label! 

This software allows you to quickly customise your board labels with just a few clicks. SBE Direct has created special label templates for download for the Nicelabel Designer 2019 software. 

How does it work? Simply download the label template of your choice. The label templates can be found in the features/downloads tab of the product sheet of the chosen self-adhesive label sheets. You will also find them in the download area. Open the .nbl file corresponding to the size of your labels in the Nicelabel Designer 2019 software. Edit your labels as you wish and print them.

Which labels for which use? 

Adhesive labels are multi-purpose and are an economical asset. Our customers use them for property and asset inventory, shipping and mailing labels, price tags, etc.

Labels have various uses; however, some labels have a very specific use. 

There are A4 self-adhesive labels specially designed for laboratories as they must meet design standards to pass through autoclaves and clean rooms.

The VOID labels are ideal for the inventory of goods and your assets as well as for sealing objects because if the laser label is torn off, it will leave a trace on the object and the break-in will be obvious. 

How many labels per box? 

We sell a very large selection of labels so you can choose the number of labels per box you buy. 

The following labels are sold by 100 sheets with 20 different sizes and therefore 20 different quantities of labels per box.

Below is a summary table of the different label sizes listed above:

Size (in mm)Number of labels per boxNumber of labels per sheetNumber of boards per box
diameter 50mm150015100
75x45 (oval)900090100

The adhesive labels we are going to list include either 1040 labels per box (for the 19 x 38mm format) or 1020 labels per box (for the 25 x 51mm and 25 x 64mm formats):

To know the number of labels per box, refer to the table below:

Size (in mm)Number of labels per sheetsNumber of sheets per boxNumber of labels per box

If you want to know the number of labels per box, you will find at the end of each sheet, a table summarizing the number of sheets and labels per box, the number of labels per sheet and all available formats. These tables will help you to inform yourself and to make your decision.

If you do not find the right adhesive label for your needs, do not hesitate to contact us to find a solution and propose specific formats that would suit you. For this, we will need an additional 2 weeks for the manufacture of specific labels in sheets.