Hard case with wheels

Opt for easy and efficient transport with our transport cases on wheels. The transport cases on wheels are ideal for all types of heavy, bulky or cumbersome goods. Discover our numerous models that adapt to all your needs and let yourself be seduced by its practical use for your movements and deliveries.

Wheeled cases the easier way to transport bulky and breakable items

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Opt for a Protective case with wheels to transport your most bulky and weighing objects your wheel-mounted transport case for easy-to-date displacements...
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Sensitive equipment needs protection and since 1976, the answer has been the Peli ™ Protector case. These cases are designed robustly and travel the hardest...

Why buy a wheeled suitcase? The wheeled suitcase makes it easier for you to get around. 

gros plan roue mallettes a roulettesThe wheeled carrying hardcase allows you to move your bulky tools and materials wherever you want with ease. You can roll it over any kind of floor thanks to its durable wheels with stainless steel bearings and its retractable extension handle. You can also lift it like a normal security case with its strong, quality handles.

Our wheeled cases are guaranteed to be impact, water and weather resistant. Despite the high quality materials, the hardcases are still lightweight for ease of movement. 

Carrying cases can contain numerous compartments and storage spaces to suit your different needs. The cases are often modular and can be adapted to your needs. Among our wide range, you will find both large and small cases, in order to find the right case for your needs. 

These cases are ideal for the transport of expert and professional cases, being very ergonomic and guaranteed for 1 year. 

Reliable and secure, the cases all have steel rings to seal them effectively. 

The cases all have built-in push and pull latches. All cases also have 5mm steel rings for extra security. 

These rings are tamper-proof and unbreakable. We recommend that you add a padlock or plastic seals to the case. 

These security products will ensure that your case is permanently closed and that its contents have not been compromised during deliveries or shipments. Also, the seals have serial numbers that assure you that there have been no exchanges or modifications thanks to its traceability

You can also add a padlock, the loop being 9 mm wide, we advise you to use the PROFI High Security Padlock - Large Shackle or the DIAMOND Very High Security Padlock.

This way, you will not have to worry about the contents of your wheeled luggage. If you still want to add security, you can opt for the PC lock cables. These locks allow you to attach your luggage to any fixed object and anchor plate, which prevents anyone from taking your equipment away from you. 

Choose efficiency for the delivery of your bulky tools and materials. 

Safety cases are the ideal luggage for your goods; they not only guarantee easy transport but also extreme resistance. With IP67 certification on all our cases, you can be sure that your tools and fragile objects will not be damaged.

Transport cases for all areas of application, what is the measure of progress?

The IP67 certification will give you peace of mind that the contents cannot be damaged if you close the case properly. 

The IP67 certified wheeled carrying hardcases are designed to withstand all climates by being dustproof and waterproof for up to 30 minutes at a maximum depth of 1m. 

These cases are also designed with an O-ring seal and automatic pressure valve, and stainless steel hardware, which enhances the watertightness and impermeability of the hardcase. 

All models are available with or without foam. Some models (contain) are also sold with an optional protective foam interior to secure the contents. This prevents damage to the contents during transport if the case is subject to shocks. 

You can rest assured that your goods will remain intact, regardless of the environment in which they are transported.

Comfortable transport: which rolling case to choose?

Now that it's time to make a choice, you're wondering what the different types of tool carrying cases are and which one is right for your use? 

Carrying cases vary in size, shape and capacity. These wheeled cases are designed for professional and expert use.  

Whether you want to store tools, computer equipment, cameras, all your heavy and bulky items or long guns, these hardcases ensure safe and easy transportation. The wheels take the weight off your shoulders and make transporting goods more comfortable.

The cases are available in a variety of layouts to suit different needs, but if you don't find the right compartments, you can customise your wheeled carrying case. 

Our hardcases are all customisable: foam machining and branding are available on all cases. There are also specific options that are only available on certain models.

The first is custom foam machining. This machined foam is denser, more resistant and machined to the dimensions of your material. You can choose the foam used: cross-linked polyethylene foam (plastitrogen, XPE), polyurethane foam and, on request, all specific types (antistatic foam, conductive foam, fireproof foam, etc.). 

It is also possible for the foam to be coloured for better visualisation of the presence or absence of material in the hardcase.

The second option is industrial branding. A product marked with your brand name allows you to spread your brand image to your customers. It is quite possible to put your logo, your tagline, a serial number on your valid. The serial number can be a real asset if each of your sales representatives or employees has their own case. 

The marking can be done via two techniques: screen printing (high quality printing but more expensive) or via adhesive lettering (use of vinyl, simpler and more economical).

Do not hesitate to ask for a quote for your personalised hardcase.