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    CAB MACH 4S Thermal Transfer Printer

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    printer-cab-thermal-transferWith this CAB MACH 4S thermal transfer printer, print your ownhigh-end technical labels in reels, singly or sequentially. This printer is ideal for the inventory, reference and identification at will of any type of property using text, variable sequence numbers or barcodes and logos.

    The CAB MACH 4S thermal transfer printer for printing high-quality labels

    Give yourself the freedom to print your own labels according to your needs with a logo, text, variable numbering and/or barcode with the MACH 4S thermal transfer printer. Available in 203, 300 or 600 dpi, you can print high-quality labels on paper, card, textile, synthetic, acrylate and tyvek or on our pre-printed labels. Depending on the model, the maximum printing width can range from 104 mm to 108.4 mm. Practical for small inventories. This MACH label printer is ideal for the healthcare sector, or for retailers to identify their products. Indispensable for administrators of schools or libraries, for inventory and management of equipment loans.

    A simple and convenient thermal transfer printer:

    - The lid with a large inspection window makes it possible to constantly check the condition of the rolls.
    - Roll holder for quick setup.
    - The automatic centring allows for installation of rolls of different widths.
    - Easy changing and cleaning of label printing rolls.
    - Unwinder - rewinder of the transfer ribbon with a mechanical guide allows for easy installation.
    - Quick change of label printing heads, and automatic recognition of the type of head.
    - Detection cell for paper adjustment to identify the start and end of the roll.
    - J-Script programming easily integrated.
    - Presence of different interfaces:

    1 - SD memory card

    2 - 2x master USB (barcode reader, USB key, USB Wi-Fi key, USB Bluetooth adaptor

    3 - USB 2.0 Hi-Speed slave (PC connection)

    4- 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet cable connection

    5 - RS232C 1.200 at 230.400 bauds/8 bits

    Intuitive use

    - Easier to use thanks to a colour touch screen that replaces the old black and white LCD screen with keyboard of the MACH4 printer.

    1 – Power on

    2 – Status line: data flow, ribbon pre-alarm, USB/SD memory card connected, Bluetooth, clock, etc.

    3 – Status messages: pause, ready, number of labels printed, pre-separation position

    4 – Peripherals: cutter, printing mode

    5 – Operation

    Menu Repetition of the last label Pause/restart printing

    Advance the labelCancel printing

    - The thermal transfer label is created on your PC using the Cablabel Lite labelling software (supplied with the printer), transferred to the printer using the USB cable, then printed in the required quantity.
    - The variable data can come from an external file or a barcode reader.

    This professional thermal transfer printer is delivered with its power cable, user manual, drivers (Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/MacOSX/Linux), the Cablabel Lite software and service manual on Cdrom.

    SBE advises you: How best to choose your label printer?

    Different models of the MACH4S printer

    The MACH4S printer is available in three models
    Basic model: Label printing on all materials in rolls or fanfold
    P or MP model: The labels can be pre-separated. The custom label is detached from the support by the pre-separation cutting edge.
    Model C: Presence of a cutter (blade installed at the label exit)by which the labels can be pre-cut as from a height of 12 mm. The result will be a pile of printed labels.


    Transfer ribbon holder: this accessory allows ribbons to be prepared in advance on additional holders for a quicker change of ribbon.

    Label winder: the label winder allows for a quicker change of continuous label material by preparing rolls in advance on an additional winder.

    ER4 external rewinder: this automatic electric rewinder allows for production of a clean roll of labels after printing. The maximum diameter of the roll is 210 mm, while that of the mandrel is between 40 and 76 mm.

    RS232C cable: 3 metres long

    Memory card: label templates designed using the Cablabel S3 software can be saved on a memory card or a USB key. This backup memory can be connected to the printer which can then operate on its own, without being connected to the host system.

    List of barcodes available for the Cablabel S3 Lite and Cablabel S3 Pro versions.

    Consumables guidanceCentered
    Printing speed up to (mm/s)250250250150
    Pinting width up to (mm/s)104108,4105,7105,7
    Printing areaMaterial - centred
    Label width6-116 mm
    Roller, coil : outer diameterjusqu’à 205 mm
    Mandrel Diameter38,1 -100 mm
                                           Transfer Ribbon
    Roller Diameter72 mm
    Mandrel Diameter (mm)25,4
    Lenght (m)360
                                        Printer Dimensions/Weight
    W x H x D (mm)317x240x435
    Weight (kg)6

    To understand how best to choose your label printer, read our article on the 4 questions to ask yourself before buying a printer.


    Data sheet

    1 year
    Catalog code
    Print speed
    Up to 250 mm / s
    Printing width
    Up to 108.4 mm
    From 203 dpi to 600 dpi
    Printing area
    Focused on matter
    Max. roll diameter
    205 mm
    Diameter of the ribbon mandrel
    25,4 mm
    Diameter of the roll core
    38,1 to 100 mm
    Outside width of the ribbon
    25 - 114 mm
    outside width of the roll
    5 - 116 mm


    Imprimante TTH CAB MACH 4S (FR)

    Mode d'emploi Imprimante TTH CAB MACH 4S

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    Printer model MACH 4.3S: basic model Ref. IMP-TT-M43S-203

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    Printer model MACH 4.3S: model P Ref. IMP-TT-M43-203P

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    Printer model MACH 4.3S: model C Ref. IMP-TT-M43-203C

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    Printer model MACH 4S: basic model Ref. IMP-TT-M4S-300

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    Printer model MACH 4S: model P Ref. IMP-TT-M4S-300P

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    Printer model MACH 4S: model C Ref. IMP-TT-M4S-300C

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