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SBE offers you its range of industrial marking, a set of solutions that can suit you for the definitive personalisation of your materials such as manufacturer's plates, industrial labels or even directly on your professional goods.

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the marker

Discover the Industrial Paint Marker. This industrial marker is an effective solution that lets you write on all types of surfaces. The latest industrial...
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the clamp

The label applicator is ideal for saving time, lightweight and fast, it adapts to all our labels. Usable with one hand, it also allows great freedom...
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the safe

This complete kit for cold stamping contains all the equipment required for labeling your property and customizing all types of surfaces (metal, plastic,...
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the numberer

Are you looking for a solution that will help your number aluminum plates one by one? Choose the cold stamping numbering machine. This cold stamping...
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the marker

Discover our hot stamping machine This tool lets you create a permanent, deep engraving on all plastic and wooden surfaces in just a few seconds. This...
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the marker

Discover the Industrial Paint Marker. This industrial marker is an effective solution that lets you write on all types of surfaces. The latest industrial...

Opt for professional quality industrial marking

Cold industrial marking or hot industrial marking: anchor your numbering and information permanently on all your computers, screens, peripherals, phones, furniture or even machines. The industrial markings we offer you are all professional quality tools.

To choose our products is to choose industrial markings and with impeccable manufacture and finish, such as only an industrial machine can accomplish. This durable marking is highly resistant to solvents and abrasion for long-lasting identification.

Marking solutions adapted to any surface

Our marking equipment allows us to personalise any type of surface (metal, plastic, wood, etc.) by deep and permanent engraving. Discover our stock asset labels and our industrial labels in plastic and aluminium that are compatible with our various solutions.

Stamping, an effective solution

Cold stamping consists of using a stamping machine. The machine accumulates energy in a compression phase released on the object to obtain an indented marking thanks to striking accessories (character holders, numbering devices, punches).

This solution is possible on hard materials such as steel, stainless steel, plastic, wood and leather. This type of marking has many advantages: it is easy because it does not require any prior training. It is economical because the machines require little maintenance. It is versatile, as it is possible to engrave a variety of characters (text, logos, numbers, etc.). In short, it's a fast and very efficient solution with a high quality embossing.

A manufacturer's plate to identify your goods

Our rigid 3M manufacturer's plate, made of anodised aluminium, allows any type of equipment to be identified over time thanks to its legible and indelible engraved printing. This identification plate can be riveted or glued to a wide range of materials such as industrial and agricultural machinery, factory equipment, street furniture and premises signs. Your manufacturer's plate will be irremovable and resistant to all types of use.

Our property plates are tested in our laboratories and are resistant to extreme temperatures (from -40° to +400°) and aggressive chemical environments (solvents, oils, acids, etc.). We offer you several customisations (logos, texts, drawings, sequential numbering, date, series...), carried out by anodisation, a powerful printing technique on each metal plate. The final result on the manufacturer's plates will be flawless.

To find out more about manufacturer's plates, please read our blog post.

A self-adhesive label to quickly identify your products

Our self-adhesive polyester or vinyl labels are ideal for quickly identifying dangerous, untouchable or fragile products or equipment. These self-adhesive labels can be customised in any colour and shape to perfectly fit the surfaces to be identified. These self-adhesive labels allow you to quickly identify important information.