Questions Générales

Arriving on the sbedirect home page, you will have the choice between a space dedicated to small businesses and associations, a space dedicated to large accounts and public sector, and a private area reserved for our resellers.

Why do you make a distinction between small business and large accounts?

Why such a distinction?
Historically, for more than 20 years, SBE customers have been composed of large accounts and public sector accounts, to whom SBE offers original and innovative products in terms of the security and management of business assets. SBE creates its own products, importing others, and acts as a wholesaler for its network of dealers. 

That's why prices on our website and our catalogue decrease by quantity, so that our customers can benefit from the best possible prices.

However, since the advent of the Internet, we have discovered a new clientele composed of small businesses and associations that appreciate our products and also our advantageous rates, usually reserved for big business. 

In order to satisfy everyone as best possible, and to correspond closely to our clients' requests, we offer for each type of client on this site a dedicated area, more harmonized and closer to the needs of each.

Most of the items can be found in all these areas, but some will be better adapted to the different trades of our customers. 

On the other hand, what remains strictly the same is the rates, which remain the same in all the customer areas (only the maximum quantities of discounts can change)

As a small business, why can I not reach SBE on the phone?

We invite you first to read the previous FAQ "Why do you make a distinction between small businesses and large accounts?" so as to better understand our philosophy and relationships with our clients.

In short, we explain that we are structured to work with customers of large accounts and dealers on products in quantities, and no so much in retail. 

However, the Internet allows us today to respond to the demand from a new clientele made up of small businesses and associations, or even individuals to whom we can offer the same advantageous rates, and we are delighted about that.

But our commercial structure set up for large accounts does not allow us to effectively deal with large numbers of daily telephone calls, and if you are a small company or an association, we will be much more effective in responding to you quickly by all other modern means available to you such as online chat or e-mail.

To see all the ways to contact us, see here.

Is it possible to receive samples or to loan a product?

Yes, and that is what makes us different. We will be pleased to send you products as free samples or as loans, free of charge.

Most customized products can be sent to you as samples and the products in stock will be loaned to you, for the time it takes for you to carry out your tests. To find out more, go to the page "SBE advises/How to properly test our products yourself"". Some products cannot be lent or sampled, in this case the “Request Sample " or "Request Loan" buttons will not display.

The operation of the loans and samples is identical to that of the order baskets on the sbedirect site.

To receive the sample of an item or item on loan, simply go to the product sheet that interests you and click on "Loan request" or "Request for sample" under the add button at the bottom right. You will then be able to create a basket, to which you can add to other items on loan or in samples by clicking on "Continue my purchases" whenever the loan/sample application summary is displayed.

The maximum quantity of sample items is limited to 5, and the maximum quantity of articles as loans is limited to 2.

Once all your items are in your sample or loan basket, click the "Complete my request" button at the bottom of the application summary and follow the process to finalize your application.

You can also view all of the samples and loans you have made by visiting your customer area/My order history.

Can you help us put our labels on all our company equipment?

In order to avoid work for your teams, SBE offers you a “turnkey” service to apply or install, on your site, all the products in this catalogue that may require repetitive and tedious human intervention.

In addition, our technicians, who have a lot of experience with SBE products and setting them up, will perform the installation in less time (reducing the hassle at your premises) while offering an optimized final result (marking and anti-theft systems as fine as can be).

To learn more about this service, go to the SBE Services page: "Fitting and installation of SBE products“

"How do I contact customer service?

Our customer service is available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

You can contact us by online chat, email, direct form, telephone (large accounts and public authorities only), and by fax.

Access our customer service.

Outside these hours and for an immediate response, we invite you to browse these help pages which are sure to give you the answer to your questions.

How do I make my suggestions or remarks known?

All your comments and suggestions are welcome, provided they are constructive. We also appreciate criticism if it allows us to move forward and provide our customers with better service, so do not hesitate to say what you think. Any subject is ok:

  • The quality of this site, the ease of navigation through the products, ergonomics, the ease of finding what you are looking for…
  • The quality of the products we offer you, their price, their options, the choice, the diversity…
  • The quality of the sales team, the quality of its listening, its responsiveness to your requests, its accuracy, and the satisfaction provided…
  • The quality of our production, the accuracy of the printing of our products, the deadlines….
  • The quality of the management of your order, the speed of processing your order, the follow-up accorded to you, the quality of delivery…
  • The quality of our customer service, the quality of the technical support, the handling of any difficulties you might experience….
  • Or else, a new product idea? an unmet need?


To say what you think:
If you feel that your suggestion is confidential or private, the easiest thing is to go to the Contact Us page, and in the box “Who is this message intended for?", indicate "Suggestion and remarks". 

You can also send your message to the same location by indicating "Philippe Escoffier-Gentile, CEO", our CEO will receive your message personally and answer it.

If you think your suggestion deserves public exposure, or a debate, then go to the SBE Blog, on the tab "I say what I think!“" and tell us what you think! " With moderation, however, since you will be moderated before being published. This area is intended to develop constructive ideas, not just to criticize. 

In any case, we will respond to you and take account of your remarks, be assured, because that is part of our fundamental principles.

Why is it recommended to activate cookies?

A cookie is a small file created by most websites to store information that allows the site to recognize you on your next connection. Cookies are a convenient and safe way to facilitate your browsing on a shopping site like sbedirect.

Cookies store only information that identifies you, such as your name or email address. The website only accesses the information you provide when you register or browse (ID, email address, current basket, products visited…). 

No other website has access to cookies created by the sbedirect site. And the Sbedirect site has no access to the data on your computer, it will "see" only the cookies it created itself. For example, our site has no way to know your email address if you do not provide it. 

We advise you to activate cookies in your browser so you can fill in your shopping cart and order online.

How can I receive the SBE catalogue?

To receive the SBE catalogue, you have several possibilities:

  • Go to the Contact us page, and in the box “Who is this message intended for ", indicate “Request for SBE catalogue". Please indicate your mailing address so that we can send you your catalogue. If you need several copies of the SBE catalogue, indicate how many in the "Your message" box.
  • Send an email to customer service indicating here also your postal address and how many catalogues if you want several.

How do I put items and baskets to one side?

It is easy to place your favourite items in a list you can review later.

First, you must identify yourself on the sbedirect site or create an account if not already done.

Then, the best thing is to create a list of favourites in your customer area/My favourites (you can create several lists) otherwise, it's the default list "My list" that will be used.

To put items aside to see them later or to order them later, the simplest is to click on the red button "Add to my favourites" above the green button for adding to the cart on all the product sheets. 

You will then be asked to choose in which list you wish to place this item. 

To find all your lists of your favourite products, always go to your customer area/My favourites, and click on "View details" from each favourites list, you will have access to the items set aside.

You can then choose the ones you want to add to the current basket and then order.

What are the guarantees on the products you sell?

Most products on this site offer a minimum warranty of one year if nothing is specified regarding warranty.

Some products offer a superior warranty (2, 3 or 5 years) and some offer a lifetime warranty. In all cases, these additional guarantees will be indicated in clear and/or red pictogram.

How can I testify to my good experience with SBE?

Would you like to express your satisfaction when the services rendered by the SBE team?

Like many, we work hard to satisfy our customers and our greatest reward comes when one of our clients expresses sincere satisfaction. It really makes us very happy and gives a broader meaning to our work.

As you will have understood, the entire SBE team is very fond of these little compliments that encourage them to do even better, to progress, and if you have the kindness to agree to express it here, you will bring happiness to SBE!

There are two simple ways to share your thoughts:

  • Go to the Contact us page, and in the box “Who is this message intended for", indicate “Customer testimonial". 

 Thank you very much for your participation.