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Create and print your own labels with easy-to-use label printing software. We offer software for CAB and SATO printers that allows you to customise different label formats with any type of information (barcode, text, logo...) to identify your goods or products. Free samples on the SBE Direct website.

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Identify your equipment on your own since the quantities are insufficient for producing Labels for Inventory of Goods . In a few clicks and in less than...
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The software

Cablabel S3 Pro is a labeling software designed for CAB printers which integrates two functions: the design and printing of labels. Cablabel S3 Pro...

The different printing software offered by SBE

Our label software range consists of Laserlab Designer, NiceLabel Designer and Cablabel S3 Pro. These programs make it quick and easy to design your labels with a variety of options. Using the tools, you can insert any type of information, such as a logo, text, frames, 1D or 2D barcodes, stored in the software or from your database. This label printing software can be adapted to any printer: Laser, inkjet or thermal transfer.

Labels at the best price/quality ratio

Printing your own labels allows you to print only the number you need, unlike a professional who will print a minimum quantity. Having your own printing equipment allows you to print quickly and cheaply, which will save you money in the long run.

Print a variety of labels 

These printers can print all types of labels: inventory labels, identification labels, self-adhesive labels, and labels made of different materials such as paper, polyester and polyethylene.

How do you choose your inventory labels? The answer is in this article.

All our labels are resistant and have an excellent hold, they will allow you to carry out your inventories and thus reduce stock management errors and save time.

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Edit your self-adhesive labels quickly and easily

With the Nicelabel Designer software, you can create and edit labels in just a few clicks. SBE makes your life even easier with the label templates. You can find all the templates for the A4 self-adhesive label sheets in the download area.

How to edit them? It's very simple, you just have to open the label template with Nicelabel Designer 2019, customize your label with text, logo, variables (barcode, QR code, serial number...) and then click on print. And there you go, your labels are ready to be used! 

Discover our video tutorials in our article "Why use label software?

Two printing methods for printing customised labels

There are two printing techniques via our label printers: 

  • Thermal transfer: thermal transfer printing technology uses heat to transfer ink from the ribbon to the substrate. This printing technique is suitable for long-lasting labels.
  • Direct Thermal: In this particular case, the ribbon is not necessary because the thermal print head is equipped with heating resistors. Therefore, chemically treated paper will turn black when exposed to heat. This type of printing is very suitable for short-term labels.

A printer adapted to your needs

All our label software is suitable for our label printers, which will give you a high quality printing result. Depending on your needs and printing frequency, you can choose between an industrial, desktop or portable printer. All of them are ideal for their ease of use and for printing labels with beautiful finishes.

To help you choose your label printer, please read our new article.