Small high security safes

Discover our small safes with a maximum capacity of 50L. Very resistant and efficient, our safes will protect your valuable goods and confidential documents in your company.

Small high security safes, fireproof, keyed, electronic

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The Key Safe key cabinet allows you to keep your keys and other valuables safely in a simple and convenient way. Its robust zinc case and 4-digit...
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This German made high quality safe tested in the BURG-WÄTCHER test laboratory has the best price-quality ratio and is in compliance with all the European...
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This German quality FAVOR safe tested in the BURG-WATCHER laboratory is the best quality/price on the market meeting all European standards in force ....
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This safe for computers with electronic lock allows protection of your computers and your binders in the company as well as in a training room or in an...
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This German quality MAGNO safe tested in the BURG-WATCHER laboratory is the best quality/price on the market meeting all current European standards. It is...
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The DIPLOMAT safe represents the excellence of the modern safe. Combining quality and security, this safe is specially designed to resist break-in attempts,...

A wide range of small safes

Mainly made in Germany, our small safes have different capacities. In this riskier environment, do you think you have the right protection tools? Small safes are essential for any business or individual who wants to keep documents, cheque books, tablets, computers and other valuables safe. Choose your small safe, fireproof or not, bolted to the floor or even wall mounted. Feel free to compare the different options of these safes to choose the safe that best suits your needs and gives you security and peace of mind.

Why choose a small safe?

Businesses are more sought after by burglars than homes. A safe is a very effective burglar-proof product. This type of product has many uses:  

  • To protect your confidential documents from break-ins
  • To make your staff aware of their responsibilities regarding the possession and use of sensitive documents
  • To meet your company's security requirements and standards
  • To store your passwords
  • To store your laptop when you are away from your desk
  • To keep your digital backups 
  • To secure your sensitive paper and digital documents in case of fire
  • To benefit from an insurable value in the event of an insurance claim
  • This range of small safes from Germany complies with the strictest security standards and is equipped with electronic and biometric locks at an attractive price.

The small fireproof safe to protect your belongings against fire

Discover our 2 small fire resistant safes, the DIPLOMAT and the COMBILINE, made in Germany. They offer excellent value for money and comply with European security and fire protection standards. A fireproof safe prevents the theft of your documents and valuables and protects them from damage in the event of fire thanks to its special coating. Our fireproof safes are LFS 30P certified according to EN 15659 and protect paper for up to 30 minutes in the event of fire.

These small fire safes are available in 8 different sizes and are recommended for the storage and protection of small valuables and personal papers. You can choose from a choice of single key or electronic tamper proof lock, which allows you to manage access to the safe and ensure maximum lockout, preventing any intrusion attempts. These Burg Watcher fire resistant safes are made from strong, non-abrasive materials to protect your belongings for years to come.

What is the insurable value of a safe?

When choosing your safe, you must first assess the value of your possessions before you can choose a safe with a similar insurance value to the possessions you wish to secure (please contact your insurance company for insurable possessions).

Below are the 7 safe security classes according to the insured value.

  • Class S1 and S2: no insurable value (not recognised by French insurance companies)
  • Class 0: Insurable value of €8,000
  • Class 1: Insurable value of €25,000
  • Class 2: Insurable value of €35,000
  • Class 3: Insurable value of €55,000
  • Class 4: Insurable value of €110,000
  • Class 5: Insurable value of €200,000
  • Class 6: Insurable value of €300,000

Our COMBILINE and DIPLOMA safes are classified as level 1 and the MAGNO has an insurable value of up to €8,000. In order to be sure of being covered by your insurance, you should choose safes with insurable value.  

Which safe lock should I choose ?

Our small safes are available in several sizes and with 3 types of lock depending on the security and management level you want.

- The single key lock (double bit): the safe is opened by inserting a key. Beware of the risk of losing the key! This locking system has 9 tumblers and therefore a million different locks. 

- The electronic lock: the safe is unlocked with a programmed combination and if necessary a user code that can be changed at any time. If the code is forgotten, two spare keys are provided.

- Biometric lock: the safe opens with a programmed combination and a user code if required. You can register several fingerprints to open the safe. Electronic code locks have 6 digits, which is equivalent to one million possible combinations. Because of the large number of combinations, it is almost impossible to find the winning combination. 

The latter two locks are ideal for simple management between several trusted people. 

Choose the lock that suits you best and your small safe will be highly secure. These locks are the most resistant to any break-in or duplication.

To know more about the locks, consul our blog article.

How to choose the size of a small safe ?

We define a small safe as a safe that can hold between 0 and 50L. In order to choose the ideal capacity, it is important to choose the right size for what you want to put in it. However, the size also depends on where you want to place your safe. Here is an idea of the capacity of safes according to their volume:

  • Safes of 10-20 litres

A safe with a small volume is ideal for storing administrative documents (identity papers, passports, etc.), your cheque book or other small objects (jewellery, key covers, etc.). This type of safe is preferred for its discretion.

  • Safes of 20-50 litres

A medium volume safe makes it easier to store A4 documents and computer equipment (laptop, tablet, telephone, etc.).

To know the advantages of a small safe, read our blog article.

Our range of security safes

ModelVolume (L)ClassFireproofLock
FAVOR Safe 5,2/9,5/18,6/38,6/55 / No key / electronic
POINTSAFE Eco Personal Safe 6,7/20,5/38,8/57,9 / No key / electronic/ biometric
Safe for Laptop 27,9 / No electronic/ biometric
COMBILINE Fireproof safe 15/27/50/78 1 Yes key / electronic
MAGNO Safe 28/51 0 No key / electronic
DIPLOMAT Safe 28,3/38,5/55,8/96 1 Yes key / electronic

Discover these safes with a volume higher than 50L in the category "Burg Watcher safes".

Please contact us for our delivery conditions. 

Where and how to install a small safe? 

The safes offered by SBE are built-in safes, i.e. they are designed to be hidden in a piece of furniture such as a cupboard or a shelf. For wall or floor mounting, our safes are equipped with the appropriate fasteners. Do not hesitate to consult our article which will give you all the advice you need to install a safe in your premises.

Do not hesitate to consult our article which will give you all the advice you need to install a safe in your premises.