Hard rifle cases

Cases to protect and facilitate the transport of your long guns, such as rifles and shotguns. Carry your long guns without fear in these specialised cases with a black military-style exterior. 

Discover our cases for your hunting equipment or airsoft replicas, quality cases that are extremely resistant and secure. Specialised professional cases for hunting or military experts. 

The ideal hard rifle cases for all your travel needs.

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Our secure transport case, measuring 146x29x47cm, provides unmatched protection for your sensitive equipment. Designed for the toughest environments, it...

Why choose a case for your hunting weapon?

You often have to travel with your long gun and you are looking for the ideal case to carry it? Then choose our long weapon carrying cases.

The hardcases are robust and protect your gun, rifle or carbine from shocks linked to its transport or delivery.

You will find cases with wheels, highly appreciated for moving bulky weapons. Wheeled cases also have sturdy handles that allow you to vary their use according to your needs. 

Also long gun cases allow you to safely move not only your guns but also all hunting related accessories, ammunition, cartridges, scopes etc... 

The case shells are black or green for a more military camouflage look to match your hunting rifles and shotguns. 

Cases that can also fit long replicas. 

Long gun cases are not only specialised in hunting guns but can also fit replicas.

The interior can fit rifles or paintball guns very well, if the dimensions are right. The customizable interior foam can be adapted to the replica of your choice. 

A replica carrying case offers you more security than a simple carrying bag, as the hardcase shell is made of high-strength injected polyethylene. This very resistant plastic combined with the foam inside guarantees a reinforced protection against shocks that offer a very good protection to his content.   

A secure closure to keep your weapons safe 

The carrying hardcases allow you to keep your guns, barrels and shooting accessories locked away. 

In fact, all cases have 4 clip closures integrated into the outer hard shell. 

However, you can also add a padlock or plastic or lead seals to the integrated stainless steel rings.

These rings give you extra peace of mind as they cannot be removed from the case.

The loop being 9 mm wide, we advise you to use the PROFI High Security Padlock - Large Shackle or the DIAMOND Very High Security Padlock.

Depending on your preference, you can also add plastic seals with tracking numbers. This will ensure that your weapons have not been compromised or exchanged. 

These permanent locking options are appreciated by those with expensive weapons, for organisations with many weapons, and anyone who wants to secure their weapons when travelling. 

Waterproof cases for all your travels

Long gun cases are all IP67 rated. These different standards allow your cases to effectively protect their contents, regardless of the environment in which they travel. 

weapon case police peliCases for rifles, shotguns or any other long arms are guaranteed unbreakable, unsinkable and waterproof. This means that your weapons will remain protected from shocks, dust, water, but also from very high or very low temperatures. 

These cases are ideal for all air transport because they can go in the hold, without you having to worry about potential shocks during air travel. 

These cases also feature an O-ring seal and automatic pressure valve, as well as stainless steel material, which makes the case more waterproof and airtight.

Far more secure than a simple cross-body bag that can strain your shoulder and back, these cases offer protection, ease of transport and freedom of mind. 

Cases specifically designed for military use

All cases are military certified. There are two types of certification: 

DEF STAN 81-41 or STANAG 4280, which you can check in the product specifications. These standards are the result of agreements between NATO countries on packaging and different standard methods of preservation, which will protect the goods against deterioration, physical and mechanical damage. These standards ensure that goods remain in good working order from the time of purchase until use, despite extended periods of storage and/or multiple shipments.

MIL-STD-810 which is a US military standard and subjects the hardcases to harsh environmental and climatic conditions that recreate real field environments. There are several testing methods. 

The secure cases provide maximum protection for your sensitive military equipment. These products are ideal for rifles, semi-automatic rifles, medical instruments, deployment kits, platoon kits or anything that needs to be protected in hostile terrain.

Customizable cases. 

You will find many models of long gun cases in the catalogue, adapted to different needs. However, all our cases can be customised to suit your needs. So if you can't find a case with the right interior layout, you can create the layout that suits you. 

All hardcases are customisable but not all have the same customisation options.

The two main customisation options are as follows:

foam for weapon caseFirstly, foam machining, it is possible to create a foam interior in the shape and size of your weapons with notches for your ammunition or cartridges. It is also possible to order a case without foam according to your preferences. This very resistant foam it's perfect for the storage protection. 

The second option is industrial marking which allows you to differentiate your cases from the outer shell. You can print a logo, a text or a serial number on the plastic. 

For these different customisations, please contact our advisors for a quote.