Tamper Proof Asset Tags

These tamper proof asset tags, exclusive to SBE, are indispensable for protecting all your properties against theft.

Highly adhesive, colour printed tamper evident labels - SBE Direct

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The 100 labels

NEW! This barcode label, also called identification label, of a high-end design, is strong and perfectly protected. It is equipped with an ultra-powerful...

The tamper-evident label, why adopt it?

These security labels are the first product developed by SBE Direct. This tamper-evident barcode label, which can be easily applied to your equipment in less than a minute, offers 3 major advantages: 

  1. Thanks to this ultra-adhesive label, your equipment will be definitively certified and guarantees the authenticity of its belonging to your company. 
  2. This label with a number or a barcode allows you to facilitate your inventory of computer goods. Thus, you can easily associate a plate to a computer, user and also a value. With a barcode reader, you can easily collect all the barcodes of your computer park. 
  3. This unremovable label glued with a cyano glue, cannot be removed without damaging its support. Attempting to remove the anti-theft plate will damage the computer preventing any possibility of resale of the object. Therefore, this inventory label will bring you an additional security against theft attempts by the deterrence it brings

This anti-theft label is composed of 4 layers allowing it to have a beautiful aesthetic and a high quality. The first part is the main support in PVC, rigid and unbreakable. On the top is the super strong double sided adhesive which allows the label to be permanently stuck on any kind of support. The third layer is the PVC layer where the high resolution color printing is located to identify your goods permanently. And finally, the last layer is a thick layer of crystal clear polyester that protects the print and gives a high quality finish. All this makes a label that is resistant to aggressions such as solvents, abrasion, humidity and extreme temperatures.

How do I apply my tamper evident label? 

Delivered with a complete installation kit including applicators, cotton sticks and a special glue, let the instructions guide you: in less than a minute your label is applied, all this without any extra cost.

Easy to use and designed for clean application, you simply place the applicator on the surface of your computer. Make sure it is well positioned, free of bubbles and well stuck. If it's not stuck on well enough, the cyano will go under the edges and it won't look clean. 

After positioning the applicator, remove the center part and spread the cyano glue in this area with the cotton swab. Do not spread it to the edge, with the pressure of the plate, the glue will spread evenly by itself. After applying the glue, place the tamper evident label. Remove the applicator after 10-15min. The plate will be permanently sealed after 48h in place so that the plate fuses with the substrate. Then remove the applicator for a clean and precise result. 

A customizable tamper-evident label

Convey a secure image of your company thanks to this tamper-evident label whose numerous laboratory tests as well as the highly degressive prices that are applied make it unique on the market in terms of quality/price ratio.

To quickly identify your goods and optimize their management, customize your tamper-evident labels with your logo, text, sequential numbering, or a barcode. For any request, do not hesitate to contact us.

Combine identification, protection and aesthetics with our tamper-evident labels that many of our customers recommend!

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Unbreakable destructible labels 

Discover our destructible labels, the best on the market. Designed to carry out your inventories in a definitive way, these untearable labels dissuade any malicious person from tearing them off and guarantee a good identification of the goods, thus allowing you to carry out an inventory of an excellent reliability.

These labels are also customizable by us with your information for maximum security. It is also possible to print them yourself on your premises thanks to our label printers and our creation software to save time and money.

Finally, as mentioned above, personalizing these tear-off labels gives you a brand image that reflects security and will make your equipment unique. You can also put the information you consider most important on the label.

These easy-to-use labels, with their self-adhesive faces that can adhere to many different surfaces, promise protection, identification, and branding.

If you would like to know more about our tamper-evident asset tags, and custom asset tags, please click on the following link:

These labels are perfect if you want or need to add security to your equipment. Non-tearable labels give you the extra protection you may need if you are part of a large group, your equipment is often loaned or rented, or you ship equipment. Unrepairable labels can act as an anti-theft device.

Also, the labels can simply help you identify your goods through serial numbers.

Finally, as mentioned above, the personalization of these tear resistant labels will give you a brand image that reflects security and will make your equipment unique. You will also be able to put the information you consider the most important.

Very easy to use, with self-adhesive faces that can adhere to many types of surfaces, they promise protection, identification and branding.