Anti-theft Labels

The shrinkage figure was 1.4% of the turnover of French retail chains in 2012, a significant loss of Euro 5.3 billion. And you, are you well protected? Supplier to the largest chains (Carrefour, Boulanger, Fnac, Conforama, Décathlon…) SBE offers you its range of European-made anti-theft labels, which under rigorous testing have proven reliable in any situation.

Electro magnetic, radio frequency anti-theft tags- SBE Direct

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the roll of 1000

The electromagnetic antitheft label is specifically designed to prevent theft in stores. The electromagnetic technology used for this very discreet sticker...
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the box of 5000

The magneto-acoustic antitheft label has been specifically designed to prevent theft in stores. This small size high tech adhesive label has the highest...

Protect your goods against theafts and shrinkages with our anti-theft labels

Genuine shop anti-theft equipment these anti-theft labels, with radio-frequency or magneto-acoustic technology are the most common and afford the highest level of detection on the market thanks, in particular, to powerful, high performance antennas. Customizable on request, we can include fixed information (logos, texts, promotions…) or variable information (barcode, price, serial No.) on all these anti-theft labels whose price is truly economical. We make high-tech protection and the fight against shrinkage possible and affordable in all your shops and stores.

Adhesive anti-theft labels 

Our soft tags are attached to items with a strong adhesive to ensure the security of products on display in the shop. These labels are an effective security measure and are very difficult to remove, preventing any theft attempt.

Radio Frequency (RF) or Acousto-Magnetic (AM) anti-theft tag?

The choice of anti-theft technology in a shop will depend on the items to be secured and the technology of your security gates (if you already have them). Indeed, your anti-theft tags must be of the same technology as your security gates (RF or AM). 

For example, in a food store, RF is preferred as it is suitable for low temperature environments where many consumables are placed such as meat and frozen foods.

However, RF should be avoided for items with metallic particles, which prevent its protective action. It is therefore preferable to use Magnetic Acoustic for a shop specialising in electronic products. The Acousto-Magnetic technology, which operates at a low frequency, is able to pass through metals and will not be disturbed.

A barcode scanner for your anti-theft labels

If your anti-theft labels contain a barcode, you can use a barcode scanner, which is suitable for use at checkouts in shops and shops. Barcode scanners are available with standard interfaces: USB, keyboard and RS232. We offer both wired and wireless barcode scanners that can read 1D and 2D barcodes, helping you to increase your productivity and save time. You can also opt for a portable terminal that can read barcodes, a powerful and ergonomic tool to carry out your inventories quickly and easily.