Keyed Alike & Master Key Padlocks

Discover our unique single-key padlock line, passkey padlocks, and mostly German-made factory security chains (mostly) offering a high level of security.

Keyed Alike & Master Key Padlocks

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De 6.47€ à 28.00€ Tax excluded
  • German-made padlocks
  • For a high level of security at competitive prices
  • A professional range for all business uses
De 66.00€ à 97.00€ Tax excluded
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Very robust case
  • Facilitates consignment
  • Avoid taking the risk of hiding your keys in an unsafe location

The wide range of padlocks we offer allows you to choose your option: pass key lock, single-key lock.

Our padlocks are especially designed for professional environments- industrial, educational, sports, leisure as well as locking boxes and cupboards. The best of our offer: single-key padlock by the batch, and pass key padlocks for the few. Inexpensive, light and resistant: the rates of our single-key padlock, or our pass key padlocks, are highly degressive according to quantity and guarantee an effective closure for the ever more secure protection of your property.