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    Cablabel S3 Pro

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    The software

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    • Various functions
    • Collects all the CAB marking systems
    • Connects with all types of printers

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    Cablabel S3 Pro is a labeling software designed for CAB printers which integrates two functions: the design and printing of labels.

    Cablabel S3 Pro enables to access all the hardware CAB functions, and the functions are fully visible in its intuitive interface.

    Thus, Cablabel S3 Pro collects all the CAB marking systems: after the design of the label, the printing can be carried out on a label printer such as CAB MACH4, 1-up print system or a laser marking. The label is saved as a file which can then be transferred to the different types of printers.

    The special feature of this software is the printing of variable sequential numbering and 1D and 2D barcodes. You can extract all this data from an Excel or Access file. After designing your label with the creation wizard, your own sequential numbering and barcode will be printed on the labels.

    Special functions such as Database Connector or barcode checking can be easily integrated, for software that best suits your needs.

    Cablabel S3 Pro is the most suitable CAB software for creating label templates for businesses and for developing your own label printing applications.

    For more information, please refer the Cablabel S3 software datasheet.


    The homepage enables access to all the features of the software quickly. Thus, you can easily find what you're looking for as soon as you open Cablabel S3 Pro.

    Cablabel s3-software-label- creation-wizard

    The label creation wizard configures the label even before the designing of the label begins. You can therefore be sure that the label is in the right format.

    Cablabel S3-software-Options

    The various options in the tool bar help to create varied and highly customized labels.

    Export-of-Cablabel-S3- software-data

    The data of the source file containing the information to be displayed on the labels can be exported. You can configure Access, Excel, or Database Connector options.

    list-Cablabel-S3-software- barcodes

    List of barcodes available for Cablabel S3 Lite and Cablabel S3 Pro versions.


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    The software
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