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SBE offers you its range of laboratory labels, ideal for sterile environments and the presence of hazardous components.

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the box of 100 sheets

Ideal for the marking of bottles, bottles, vitrophanie in inside and outside, this translucent label has an average life of 3 years. Its composition of...

Laboratory labels are ideal for marking in sterile environments

If you work in a laboratory or any other sterile environment, you need materials that can withstand extreme conditions. Therefore, laboratory labels are particularly resistant and are specially designed to withstand the passage of disinfectants and autoclaves. In sterile and hazardous environments, labelling must be durable and adapted to suit the laboratory's requirements.

We offer laboratory labels in matt white polyethylene or polyester labels with a transparent film, ideal for marking bottles, flasks and window displays, both indoors and outdoors. For even greater resistance, particularly when handled in an autoclave, choose laboratory labels with a thickness of 60µm coupled with a 20µm thick adhesive layer.

Our laboratory labels are mainly used to identify each container to avoid any chemical incident. This way, the storage of your samples and materials will be optimal and the handling process of each product will be under control. 

Print your own laboratory labels

Thanks to the Nicelabel Designer software and the templates of our A4 self-adhesive labels, you can now easily personalise your labels with text, barcodes and logos. They will certify the ownership of the identified material and its contents. Printing your own labels allows you to have control over the quantity and time, you will be totally autonomous.