Do you think you are completely safe?

Is your company prepared for a total loss of all its computerized data? The security of your computer or office, and your property in general, is paramount for you.

Company Security assets: plastic lead, padlock

Discover our range of property security products

At SBE, our priority is to offer you original, rigorous and efficient products in response to increasingly worrying theft statistics. Here you will find the most complete range on the market to significantly reduce the risk of theft of your property and to really improve the security of your computers and offices equipment, at a low cost. Having undergone rigorous testing in our specialized laboratories, or with our customers who preferred them to other, sometimes less expensive options, the quality of our products has proven to be optimal. Find peace of mind thanks to our range of products, and don't hesitate to compare!

Security for your PCs, tablets and other electronic devices

Anti-theft cables, adhesive anti-theft labels, security notches, recharging cabinets, mobile classes. We offer a maximum of anti-theft solutions to prevent any attempt to steal your PCs, tablets and business phones. Protect your goods in the long term with our highly resistant, easy to use and effective products.

Anti-theft labels and security seals

Our core business is security labels such as VOID labels, destructible labels, anti-theft labels and hologram labels that guarantee maximum security. All our labels can be personalised with your image to identify your goods in the best possible way.

To prevent access to your premises or equipment, it is advisable to choose security seals. At SBE, we offer a wide range of seals, including adhesive, plastic, padlocks and sealable seals. These devices are easy to use and very effective against break-in and theft. All our solutions are resistant to strong traction and extreme temperatures.

Security for your sensitive documents

We offer a wide range of products such as secure envelopes and pouches as well as security papers to prevent theft and forgery of your documents. Our waterproof envelopes and pouches allow you to transport your goods and documents securely and dissuade any attempt at theft thanks to their security seal or their VOID adhesive closure, which reveals any break-in.

Do you print original, sensitive documents? Opt for an anti-falsification security paper. Our range of security papers guarantees the authenticity of your documents thanks to their numerous security points that are invisible to the naked eye. In addition, we offer a range of control accessories such as a pocket magnifier with UV lamp, a UV detector torch and an anti-fraud security stamp.

To find out more about the uses of security paper, see the following two articles: What is secure paper used for? and How many fake documents are circulating in (and out of) your company?

Security on your premises

We also offer a wide range of safes to store and secure access to your valuables and confidential documents. Mostly German made, our safes and strongboxes are available in different capacities. In addition, some of our safes are fireproof, making them resistant to any risk of fire. They can be bolted to the floor or fixed to the wall. 

Our safes are available in several sizes and also with 3 types of lock depending on the security and management level you want: single key lock, electronic lock, biometric lock.

Do not hesitate to consult our article which will give you all the advice you need to install a safe in your premises.

To optimise security in your premises, we offer you resistant steel padlocks for a high security locking of your cabinets, files, safes...etc. Easy to use, these padlocks are delivered with unique or different keys or by combination of your choice. Available in different sizes, they are ideal for attaching to all types of indoor and outdoor surfaces. It is possible to personalise your padlocks with a logo, specific numbering or other text for maximum security.