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Anti-tamper adhesive roll, anti-fraud adhesive roll, adhesive seal, anti-fraud seal, anti-fraud label, polyester laser label, come to discover the range of anti-tamper seals offered by SBE.

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De 79,00€ à 501,00 Tax excluded

the roll of 1000

These multi-transfer anti-fraud adhesive seals come in the form of labels allowing you to seal any medium to ensure the security, confidentiality or hygiene...
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per roll of 500

This security seal in the form of a label enables the sealing of reusable packages and surfaces that need to be clean and pleasant to look at (for e.g....
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the roll of 1000

These anti-fraud adhesive seals are in the form of labels that allow you to seal any medium to ensure the safety, confidentiality or hygiene of an asset....
De 306,00€ à 525,00 Tax excluded

per roll of 500

This customizable zero-transfer anti-fraud adhesive label seal allows you to seal reusable packaging and surfaces that need to be kept clean and pleasing...

Protect your high security document and goods from any fraude and offense

You are seeking to protect exhibits, secure medical packaging, industrial objects, seal confidential envelopes, guarantee the authenticity of luxury products, or generally protect your property from any infringement. SBE meets your expectations with these security seals.

scellé-adhésif-anti-fraude-voidThis line of anti-tamper adhesive seals ranges from the anti-fraud seal that leaves a tamper message on the surface in the case of removal whereby label disintegrates: these products are all unfalsifiable and untransferable, and thus provide you with outstanding authentication and locking of your inventory of property. These adhesive seals are available blank, pre-printed and on A4 board in order to do your own printing. The risks of tampering and theft are growing today, and the price of safety can sometimes turn out to be minimal: choosing our adhesive seals is the answer to this problem.