Event Access Control

Our event wristbands are the ideal solution to promote your event and control access quickly (main entrance, VIP area, artist box or staff backstage) in complete security. Available in vinyl, tyvek, fabric and silicone, our wristbands are fully customisable with logo and text. 

Event Access Control - SBE Direct

A wide range of event wristbands

Festivals, concerts, parties, discos, campsites, amusement parks, sports events, seminars... all these events can benefit from event wristbands for security and identification

Our wristbands are available in several materials such as tyvek, silicone, vinyl and fabric, tearproof and durable over time. They are very easy to put on around the wrist and some have a permanent anti-fraud closure. These aesthetically pleasing wristbands become a souvenir for participants.

These wristbands can be complemented with wireless barcode scanners to quickly check the flow of people. Lightweight and handy, these readers can read up to 270 scans/sec. All your data will be transferred to your computer.

Customisable wristbands to promote your event

In addition to the choice of colour, you can personalise your wristbands with a logo, text, barcode or QR code. These wristbands with your image is very useful to make your event visible or to become a promotional item for your company.