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SBE was born in 1992 from the idea of combining effective anti-theft security with powerful marking that would reduce corporate theft at an affordable cost: the SBE Tamper-Evident Plate, still on sale today.

Today and after several patents filed, we have developed an excellent range of inventory labels, economical or secure, then all that go with them such as barcode readers and label printers. These inventory labels often lead our customers to want to take advantage of them to secure their goods, so we have developed ourselves effective products to secure IT goods in companies, mainly against theft, and then all this has spread more widely to secure all kinds of goods in companies, from production tools to documents.

This is why we have developed highly efficient anti-theft systems for PCs, tablets, laptops and computer rooms. This has led us to offer our customers products to secure the goods produced and transported, with all kinds of seals (adhesive and physical), and such as security seals, plumb seals and batches of padlocks with keys. It is at the request of many of these customers that we have also developed security systems to combat counterfeiting with totally tamper-proof labels such as holograms or security seals, accompanied by a serious range of fireproof safes. More recently, based on our successful experience in the identification and security of company assets, we have developed a strong focus on the identification of people in companies through a very complete range of access badges and all the accessories that go with them, such as badge protectors, fasteners, badge cords, as well as a very wide range of secure bracelets, in Tivek, fabrics or tear-resistant for company events. This year is the year of the launch of our "Personal Safety in the Workplace" range, with the first shop displaying all the safety signs for company buildings, such as legal notices and prohibition and warning signs. As you will have understood, our job is to ensure that employees, goods and production tools of companies are always safe, with identification as an essential vector. Our expertise, in addition to the perfect knowledge of the products, because we ourselves develop a large majority of them, is the customization of most of the products offered in our catalogue: all our inventory or security labels, seals, holograms, badges, anti-theft systems, neck cords, and even our anti-theft screws are customizable! We are proud to be SBE, to develop SBE, to serve more than 6000 customers for so long, we are happy to be the essential partner of large companies and administrations in the fields of identification and security of goods and people in companies with more than 4,000,000 goods protected by an SBE security product and more than 15,000,000 identification labels applied.

A big thank you to our Customers for whom and by whom SBE exists.

Philippe Escoffier-Gentile
CEO & Founder

They have trusted us for 10 years

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