Padlock seals

You are responsible for security, in charge of the general services of your company, you seek to permanently secure some of your property with solid permanent protection different to a padlock SBE offers its range of padlock seals whose use is similar to a padlock but much more permanent since they will be impossible to remove without the use of a cutter.

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the 1000 seals

Whether you work in finance, agri-food or health sector, protecting your goods is a necessity. SBE has selected the best products in the market for you like...
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the 100 seals

The Key-fob Seal forms part of the range of cable seals and padlock seals. This lead-type security seal is ideally used as a key fob, but it can also be...
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the 100 seals

Whether you work in finance, construction, transport or any other sector, you need to protect your property or identify your equipment. SBE has selected its...
yellow clip seals en
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Lot of 800 seals

BATCH OF CLIP SEALS With a height of 40 mm , these automatic clip seals, mainly used to lock hospital cabinets, may be just as suitable for securing...
Scellé-cadenas rouge à crochet
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the 100 seals

Whether you are responsible for security, maintenance, or general services in your company, your priority is to secure and maintain your stock of goods in...

Secure your most sensitive documents and your most important objects with these security seals

These security seals can be used in the industrial and health sectors and can be used to close cabinets, confidential files or even trucks and containers, thus ensuring the traceability of your goods.

Our range consists of self-closing padlocks which are very easy to use. To seal an object, simply clip the end cap into the lock of the padlock. It will then be impossible to remove it.

Our strongest padlock has an aluminium head and a galvanised metal cable, which can withstand a pull of 330kg to 1600kg. With this, there is no risk of being ripped off.

You can choose the colour of your seals and add a sequential numbering or a barcode.

Padlock seals conform to international standards

Our steel seals comply with international standards ISO 17712/2013, grade H (high security). You can therefore use these seals for the transport of goods anywhere in the world.