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You are organizing an event with many guests and you want to be able to identify each person present? It's possible, thanks to event wristbands! Indeed, the wide choice of printing on the festival wristbands, offers an unparalleled personalization. So combine, security, identification and brand promotion, for the success of your event !

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the 1000 bracelets

You are organizing an event with a lot of guests and you want to be able to identify each person present? It is possible, thanks to the event wristbands!...

What is the use of a bracelet in a festival?

Regardless of the industry, a successful event is more than just the quality of the food, drinks, DJ and fun of the guests. Above all, the success of an event is measured by the ability of the teams and organizers to anticipate and deal with potential problems.

If the type of event that is organized gathers major and minor participants, but also alcohol, the management of the bar with a tight flow can be very difficult to manage. Nevertheless, if your teams in charge of identity control at the reception desk give a bracelet of one color to minors and another to adults, this could greatly relieve your teams behind the bar at the time of ordering.

In the events sector, in particular, the use of festival wristbands is very recurrent, especially because the quality/price ratio is more than correct and the ease of use, aberrant. These event wristbands are an incredible security and promotional tool. It is then easier for you to recognize a participant as well as his membership (Artist, VIP, Backstage, Golden Square, Fake ...).

In the biggest festivals, the presence of the bracelet on the wrist is mandatory, without which you can be banned from entering even if you are in good standing and in possession of your ticket.

The different types of event bracelets :

Event wristbands are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease of use and large-scale impact. Wristbands are an essential marketing tool and an unstoppable identification and security aid. There are a multitude of different wristbands for different purposes, all of which can be customized. At SBE we offer 4 types of event wristbands for sale:

Fabric bracelet : We all remember the time of the fashion of fabric bracelets. Very popular with vacation villages, this type of bracelet has been a real vector of brand image. Combining identification, security and fashion, it is a real plus and a must-have.

Ideal for occasions requiring a single use wristband. This festival bracelet is commonly used for events such as demonstrations, student parties, concerts and festivals. The fabric bracelet is a vehicle for pleasant moments spent with friends or family.

In fact, it conveys a very good image and beautiful memories for the person who wears it. Indeed its resistance, allows to be kept during several months without damaging it too much and is a proof of participation to a beautiful event.

Also, the choice of this type of bracelet is very strategic for companies and can convey an excellent brand image.

We offer a wide selection of fabric bracelets available in two materials :

  • Woven : The very fine weave of this evening bracelet has particularly tight meshes which makes it a bracelet of excellent quality and highly resistant to the test of time. The finishing touches are meticulous and of unparalleled precision. The weaving of the image, text or logo is as aesthetic as it is durable. Because we like our products to look like you, the woven fabric bracelet can be made in up to 8 colors.
  • Satin : The choice of material can also say a lot about your company. Choosing a satin fabric bracelet will convey a prestigious brand, induced by the shine and softness of satin. If your goal is beyond its primary purpose, that your customer keeps the bracelet for a long time, this choice of material is ideal since it is very pleasant to wear. Moreover, its laser cut avoids any fraying and its material resists to the climatic hazards. Since the most important thing for us is to make products that look like you, there are no limits to personalization. You are free to print digital images, four-color process and even create color gradients.

Silicone wristband : A number of event agencies recommend this festival wristband as a very effective tool for organization, management and advertising. For a successful event communication at low cost, the silicone bracelet is ideal.

Fully customizable, it can be adapted to any kind of event such as a product launch, a company party or a team building. This bracelet allows to distinguish the different types of participants with a single glance on the wrist while proving the uniqueness of a team. The silicone bracelet is a great choice, since it is inexpensive, comfortable, durable and effective with the general public.

Product customization is an aspect that we respect a lot at SBE Direct, that's why we do our best to offer you products that can be shaped according to your desires, your tastes and the image of your brand.

Bracelets coton : As you know, cotton is a noble material that offers optimal air permeability. Its twisted fibers allow the skin to breathe without equal. Very hygienic, our cotton bracelet is sterilized.

Doux, léger et agréable au porté, faire le choix du bracelet coton, c’est faire le choix de la légèreté. Son tissage précis, lui permet de faire preuve de beaucoup de résistance, notamment aux agressions extérieures tels que :

  • heat ;
  • cold ;
  • water (fresh, chlorinated and salt water, for two to three weeks) ;
  • rubbing.

The freedom of movement is allowed by the lightness of the bracelet as well as its size which is perfectly suitable for the biggest (adults) but also for the smallest of us (children). The bracelets of this lot of 1,300 bracelets 100% cotton are very appreciated for their softness which is suitable for all types of skins.

You will have understood, what is most important in the big family that is SBE Direct, are the products to your image, for that, we thought of our lot so as to have an assortment of 100 bracelets by color, for a total of 13 different colors..

Satin bracelets : If you are organizing a corporate event and need satin bracelets in large quantities, this lot is ideal. They offer you 2 300 bracelets of an incomparable softness. Indeed, its satin material, carries with all the softness and comfort desired. Its fine weaving makes the bracelet silky and translates a certain standing (luxury).

Its comfort and resistance make it a very competitive bracelet. The composition and the way of creating it of this satin bracelet, make its use possible in all kind of environment. it resists perfectly to :

  • humidity ;
  • heat ;
  • water (fresh, chlorinated and salt water, for two to three weeks) ;
  • rubbing.

The fastening used is intuitive, which makes it easy for children to use. In addition, the size of this bracelet fits both adults and children.

Available in 11 different colors, you will have no trouble identifying your guests at your events.

Tyvek or paper wristbands : Tyvek wristbands are also a great product for events because they are light and tearproof. In addition, each wristband has a numbering system, which is practical for the control and identification of people. They are also anti-fraud, in fact they cannot be removed once put around the wrist thanks to an adhesive and definitive closure. To remove it, you just have to cut it. A wide choice of colors is available as well as 2 widths to suit everyone.

Economical and resistant, it is the ideal choice of wristbands for a one-day or even one evening event. Despite its small price, it remains very secure and cannot be transferred to another person.

You can also personalize your bracelets with a barcode or a logo.