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Are you organizing an event with a large number of guests and want to be able to identify each person present? It's possible, thanks to festival bracelets! Indeed, the wide choice of printing and marking on festival bracelets offers unparalleled customization. So combine security, identification, and brand promotion, and make your festival bracelet the low-cost promotional accessory!

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You are organizing an event with a lot of guests and you want to be able to identify each person present? It is possible, thanks to the event wristbands!...

What is the purpose of a bracelet at a festival?

Regardless of the industry, the success of an event is not simply measured by the quality of the food, drinks, DJ and guest entertainment. Above all, the success of an event is measured by the ability of teams and organizers to anticipate and address any potential issues.

If the type of event being organized brings together both minors and adults, as well as alcohol, managing a busy bar can be very difficult. However, if your teams in charge of ID checks at the entrance give out a bracelet of one color to minors and another to adults, it is highly likely to relieve your teams behind the bar at the time of ordering.

In the events industry in particular, the use of festival bracelets is very common, mainly because of the excellent value for money and their incredible ease of use. These event bracelets are an incredible tool (accessory) for security and promotion (a real low-cost advertising tool). It then becomes easier for you to recognize a participant and their affiliation (Artist, VIP, Backstage, Gold Square, Fake ...).

At major festivals, wearing a bracelet on your wrist is mandatory, otherwise you may be denied entry even if you are in compliance and have your ticket.

Whether it's an identification bracelet for a festival or a party bracelet, bracelets always serve the same purpose: keeping a memory, facilitating the management and entry of people.

Customizing your festival bracelet?

As an event or festival organizer, you are no doubt looking for ways to make your event memorable for your participants. Customizing festival bracelets is an excellent way to create a unique experience and promote your event at the same time.

By adding your logo or the name of your event on the bracelets, you create a live advertising opportunity for your company. Participants will wear your brand around their wrist during the entire event, and maybe even after. This can help strengthen the reputation of your organization and encourage participants to come back next year.

Personalizing festival bracelets can also help improve event security. By adding information such as the participant's name and event day, you can help identify authorized individuals and prevent fraud.

When it comes to customization options, there are a variety of materials and marking techniques to meet your needs. Festival fabric bracelets are popular for their durability and comfort, and can be personalized with dye-sublimation printing that reproduces detailed designs, allowing you to print digital images in four colors. Silicone bracelets are also popular for their durability and can be personalized with flat, embossed, or debossed printing that adds additional texture.

Tyvek paper bracelets are an economical choice and can be personalized with text or pattern printing in one or more colors.

Ultimately, personalizing festival bracelets is an excellent way to create a unique experience for your participants and promote your organization. With so many options available, it's easy to find the solution that meets your needs.

Don't hesitate to contact our team to discuss the customization options available for your event: Contact us.

Different types of event bracelets:

Event bracelets are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease of use and wide-reaching impact. Bracelets are an essential marketing tool and an indispensable aid to identification and security. There are a multitude of different bracelets for various uses, all of which are customizable. At SBE, we offer 5 types of event bracelets for sale, as follows:

1. Fabric bracelets: We all remember the time when fabric bracelets were in fashion. Highly prized by holiday villages, this type of bracelet was a real brand image vector. Combining identification, security, and fashion, it is a real plus and a must-have.

Ideal for occasions requiring a single-use bracelet. This festival bracelet is commonly used for events such as demonstrations, student parties, concerts, and festivals. The fabric bracelet is a vector of pleasant moments spent with friends or family.

In fact, it conveys a very good image and beautiful memories for the person wearing it. Indeed, its resistance allows it to be kept for several months without too much damage and is proof of participation in a beautiful and significant event.

Also, the choice of this type of bracelet is very strategic for companies and allows for an excellent brand image to be conveyed.

We offer a wide selection of fabric bracelets available in two materials:

  • Weave: The very fine weaving of this evening bracelet has particularly tight stitches which make it of excellent quality and highly resistant over time. The finishes are neat and of unparalleled precision. The weaving of the image, text or logo is as aesthetic as it is durable. Because we like products that resemble you, the woven fabric bracelet can be made in up to 8 colors.
  • Satin : The choice of material can also say a lot about your company. Choosing a satin fabric bracelet will show a prestigious brand, induced notably by the brilliance and softness of the satin. If your goal is beyond its primary purpose, that your customer keeps the bracelet for a long time, this choice of material is ideal as it is very comfortable to wear. In addition, its laser cutting prevents any fraying and its material withstands weather conditions. Because for us the most important thing is products that resemble you, customization has no limits. You are free to print digital images, in four-color process and even create gradient colors.

2. Silikonband : Many event agencies recommend this festival bracelet as it is highly effective as an organizational, management, and advertising tool. For a successful cost-effective event communication, the silicone bracelet is ideal.

Fully customizable, it can adapt to all kinds of events such as product launches, company parties, or team building events. This bracelet allows to distinguish the different types of participants with just a glance at the wrist while proving the uniqueness of a team. The silicone bracelet is a great choice, as it is inexpensive, comfortable, durable, and effective with the general public.

Customization of products is something that we greatly value at SBE Direct, which is why we strive to offer products that can be molded to your desires, according to your tastes and the image of your brand.

3. Cotton bracelets : You are not unaware that cotton is a noble material that offers optimal air permeability. Its twisted fibers allow unparalleled cutaneous respiration. Very hygienic, our cotton bracelet is sterilized.

Soft, lightweight, and comfortable to wear, choosing the cotton bracelet is choosing lightness. Its precise weaving allows it to be highly resistant, especially to external aggressions such as:

  • heat;
  • cold;
  • water (fresh, chlorinated and salt, for a duration of two to three weeks);
  • friction.

Freedom of movement is allowed by the lightness of the bracelet and its size which is perfect for adults but also for children. The bracelets from this batch of 1,300 100% cotton bracelets are very popular for their softness that is suitable for all skin types.

As you can see, what matters most in the big family that is SBE Direct are products that represent you, that's why we've thought our lot so that we have an assortment of 100 bracelets per color, for a total of 13 different colors.

4. Satin bracelets: You are organizing a corporate event and need satin bracelets in large quantities, this lot is ideal. They offer you 2,300 bracelets of incomparable softness. In fact, its satin material carries with it all the desired softness and comfort. Its fine weaving makes the bracelet silky and reflects a certain standing (luxury).

Its comfort and resistance make it a very competitive bracelet. The composition and the way of creating this satin bracelet make its use possible in all kinds of environments. It resists perfectly to:

  • moisture;
  • heat;
  • water (fresh, chlorinated and salt, for a duration of one month);
  • friction

The fastening used is intuitive, which makes it easy for children to use. In addition, the size of this bracelet adapts to both adults and children.

Available in 11 different colors, you will have no trouble identifying your guests at your events.

5. Tyvek or paper bracelets: Tyvek bracelets are also a flagship product for events because they are lightweight and tear-resistant. In addition, each bracelet has a number, which is practical for control and identification of people. They are also anti-fraud, as they cannot be removed once placed around the wrist thanks to the adhesive and definitive closure. To remove it, just cut it. A wide range of colors is available as well as 2 widths to suit everyone.

Economical and resistant, they are the ideal choice of bracelets for a one-day or evening ephemeral event. Despite its low price, it remains very secure and cannot be transferred to another person.

Our teams are available now to meet your needs and establish THE appropriate festival bracelet for your specifications!

Our delivery times for this type of accessory can range from 10 to 21 working days.