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Identifying people at public occasions and events has become a security and advertising standard, and the identification bracelet is now the modern and fashionable method. Our range of event bracelets offers an exceptional finish and look over time.

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the 1000 bracelets

The customised silicone wristband is the subject of an inescapable trend. Whether used as an advertising object or as a rallying symbol, this event...

Enhance your brand image with our custumizable bracelet in any kind of event

The closures are easy, but not secure, so it is possible to remove these party check bracelets and to put them back later like event bracelets. After rigorous quality control, these customizable identification bracelets are excellent, selling at an economical rate and available in free samples. Don't hesitate to purchase this control bracelet as an advertising opportunity for your event: you can easily enhance your professionalism thanks to a communication trend that is also customizable.

Discover our customized silicone event bracelets, cotton and satin bracelets, Tyvek bracelets, party bracelets and control bracelets representing real advertising opportunities.