Commercial Stickers

Discover our range of customised stickers, high resolution printing, at the best value for money. Available in vinyl or polyester, choose the shape and format of your choice, ideal for sticking on different surfaces and for all types of use. Our stickers guarantee a high resistance to solvents, weathering and rubbing, both indoors and outdoors. 

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Pack of 100

Customized and professional stickers in high quality intended for any type of surface and any type of use. You can customize your stickers to infinity,...

Total freedom of personalisation

Our stickers can be personalised thanks to digital printing of your visuals. Colours, graphics, text, barcode, QR code, shape, format... all aspects of these stickers can be personalised for a high quality rendering of your company's image.

These stickers can be stuck on different surfaces (flat, curved...) and different materials (glass, plastic, wood, metal) and will highlight your products, a special offer and will make it easier to identify your brand.

The advantages of custom stickers

Custom stickers can be a great opportunity to promote events and marketing efforts in a very cost effective way. Here are 3 reasons why we use custom sticker printing to promote marketing efforts and increase brand awareness:

      1. Very cheap

Sticker printing is very cost effective. One of the most important things to consider in marketing activities is almost always the budget. The advantage of custom stickers is the low price of the sticker printing service. Coupled with the way they effectively attract the attention of customers, you will find that there is no reason not to use printed stickers.

      2.  Flexible advertising media

Printed stickers are unique: you can stick anything. This is not a new concept, we all know that already. However, when you start thinking about how to use them, it's a different concept. A well designed custom sticker will naturally catch people's attention. This means that they can be used to communicate your brand or short messages to your customers, and depending on the size and location of the printed stickers, they can reach a wider audience

     3. Very valuable for promoting your brand

Finally, printed stickers are a very effective tool for communicating with target audiences. They will establish lasting relationships with existing or potential customers who will take notice of them. After the initial investment, it essentially becomes a lasting source of free branding.