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This safety paper provides you with a manufacturing process that will make your documents unfalsifiable. No counterfeiting will be possible on your documents thanks to security paper. 

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the ream of 250

This certificate diploma helps to protect the official papers of obtaining certificate, diploma, etc. With its 17 security points, you have the assurance...
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the ream of 250

This X21 security paper allows businesses to seriously secure their documents at low cost. This anti-copy paper has 21 unique and tamper-proof features that...
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the ream

It is increasingly easy today to copy official documents. This is why SBE has decided to offer its customers this security paper allowing printed documents...
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the ream

Documentary security is a core issue within companies and administrations. Thanks to an ingenious manufacturing process, the secured A4 format paper...
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X5 secure paper provides optimal protection against any falsification or reproduction of important documents within a company, thanks to its 5 levels of...
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the ream of 250

The X15 High-Security Paper helps protect you against counterfeit documents and alteration attempts thanks to these numerous high-level security points. In...
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Derived from the technology applied to banknotes, this highly secured stamp allows you to give a high level of security to your most sensitive official...
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the lamp

This UV detector torch is a powerful tool that will protect your control system from malicious intentions, attempted fraud and falsification of official...
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The microscope

This lightweight and easy-to-handle mini lightweight pocket microscope is the ideal tool for easily verifying your security papers or other banknotes....
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the marker

New generation of industrial marker: UV ink strictly invisible to naked eye. An industrial marker to optimize protection and identification The UV...
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the lamp

Thanks to its long waves (366 nanometers), this detector makes it possible to identify any ink or UV fiber present on a banknote, identity card or...
custom a4 security paper x8 administration en
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the ream

Specially designed for administration, the A4 size security paper has 8 levels of security, while integrating official notes. The original control of this...

Security paper allows you to be sure that the official documents transmitted are authentic originals and have not been falsified.

We are nowadays obliged to use sensitive printed information printed on paper of a degree of importance whose origin or authenticity must be ensured. This range of security documents uses techniques close to that of bank notes and guarantees the authenticity of these documents. Available in different colours and printable on all paper printers on the market, this security paper proves to be the best solution for companies that want to increase the security level of their official documents at lower cost (highly degressive price reduction).