Plastic Tags

Discover the SBE Plastic Tags range! In order to best mark your asset, we offer the manufacturer's plate, the Plastic Tags and the Heavy Duty Tag. These asset labels will give you the ability to identify all your products for inventory or in case of theft. Aluminium manufacturer plates, inventory Tags and Heavy Duty Tags are SBE’s flagship products.

Plastic Tags

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the 100 plates

This polyethylene identification plastic tag  will allow you to identify and certify the ownership of electrical poles, conduits and cable beams. Specially...

A nameplate to certify your ownership

Our manufacturer's plates are ideal for identifying your machines, computer equipment and construction or containers. They are suitable for all types of business and can be used both indoors and outdoors thanks to their increased resistance.

Our range consists of 100% recyclable pehd identification plates, perfect for weathering and solvent resistance. Their flexibility allows them to be affixed to curved surfaces such as poles, transformers, electrical equipment and plants. To complete the picture, we have lacquered steel builder's plates with very good resistance without the need for maintenance. 

Customisable nameplates

Available in many colours, our property plates can be printed with your logo, text, barcode or other specific number. The plate can also be shaped to your liking (oval, rectangular, square, arrow, etc.). Finally, you can choose a round or oblong hole for a string, metal tie or clamp.

Our identification plates are economical and allow you to identify your goods with your image.

Industrial marking made by you

We offer industrial cold stamping or industrial hot stamping solutions to anchor your numbers and information permanently on your identification plates. Our solutions are professional quality tools.

Our marking equipment allows you to personalise any type of surface (metal, plastic, wood, etc.) by deep and permanent engraving. Discover our stock management labels and our industrial labels in plastic and aluminium compatible with our different solutions.

Choosing our products means choosing industrial markings with impeccable rendering and finish, just like industrial machines. This unalterable marking is highly resistant to solvents and friction and can be permanently identified over time.