Hard carrying case

With our range of hard carrying cases, protect your most fragile and sensitive items during transport (risky or repeated) with our waterproof hard cases equipped with a locking system and a foam interior for maximum protection.

Our Hard Protective Case can be custom for more security

These safety cases are essential for the transport of your delicate equipment

Used most often by law enforcement, firefighters, industry and the military, these security cases are the ideal solution for all your transportation and use of equipment in extreme conditions. Laptops, confidential documents, electronic or photographic equipment, these cases are suitable for all types of objects.

The PELI cases are characterized by a great technicality to adapt to the worst environments and thus, to all the sectors: chemical industry, airline, military...

What are the main characteristics of the transport cases? 

Our transport protector cases are made of copolymer (polypropylene or high-performance HPX resin) and have a light and shock-resistant structure, that provide a good shell quality. Their water tightness protects your equipment against humidity, rain, dust, and chemicals. It is, therefore, a reliable, easy to use and good quality solution for transporting your equipment when you travel.

description of case characteristics

Our carrying cases are available either empty or with standard foam cut into small cubes so that you can create your own cavities for your equipment. Any product, regardless of its shape, can be stored and protected in a case. 

For better organization, some models are available with predefined partitions for the case. If your need for compartments is specific, the treckpack partition carrying cases with partitions are made for you. You can choose from several case sizes. The treckpack partitions are made to be cut with the supplied mini-cutter and the partitions are held in place with small clips. With this solution you get a high quality work worthy of a professional yourself.

There is also a carrying suitcase provided with a specific layout for tools or medical. The system of folding compartments allows a better organization. 

We also offer a range of cases with wheels to facilitate the movement of bulky equipment. 

What are the different types of transport cases

There are different types of transport cases: fabric cases, aluminum cases and copolymer cases. 

Fabric cases are designed for commercial use and replace hand carrying cases for transporting documents. 

Aluminum cases have the same function as copolymer cases. However, they are heavier and less sturdy than copolymer cases. The choice of your carrying case depends on the level of security you want and the use you want to make of it. 

Our PELI cases are not just transport cases. They are extremely shock resistant, dust and waterproof and are designed for harsh and demanding environments.  They are top of the line cases that allow you to move all your sensitive products. They are also easily stackable to save space for better storage. 

In addition, our cases are equipped with the necessary rings to fit a padlock or security seal to ensure that the contents are sealed inside the protector case and cannot be compromised. 

The cases offer much more protection than a simple bag and are also more comfortable and soft to carry. This is the best solution for you, especially if you have to transport your suitcase on a daily basis. 

Waterproof cases to keep contents intact

Regardless of the suitcase you choose, all of our cases are certified dustproof and are more or less waterproof (depending on the model), based on the standard established by the International Electrochemical Commission (IEC). 

To find out the degree of protection of each carrying case, simply check the IP certification indicated in the product specifications.

Here are the different categories of protection index of our hard carrying cases: 

  • IP54: protection against dust deposits and water splashes
  • IP57 : protection against dust deposits and waterproofness up to 1m for 30min
  • IP66: total dust tightness and protection against strong water jets (sea packs)
  • IP67: dust tight and waterproof up to 1m for 30min

The waterproofness of the product will have to be chosen according to the terrain on which the suitcase will be taken. For example, if the need is to protect an object during a desert crossing, we recommend you to choose the protection index 66 or 67. On the other hand, if it is likely to be immersed, you should opt for IP67 (better waterproofing). 

How to choose the right foam carrying case? 

PELI protector cases are all available with our standard foam, a pre-cut foam cube to create the spaces yourself. 

However, for very fragile and dangerous objects, a custom-cut foam is ideal. It is now possible to have custom-made foam for small quantities: 

We offer different types of foam: cross-linked polyethylene (plastazote, XPE), polyurethane foam, antistatic foam, conductive foam, fire retardant foam etc...

The choice of foam depends on what you want to do with it. For example, in the  hard case of cushioning, an inexpensive foam more or less flexible is preferred, depending on the object to be cushioned. In particular, polyethylene foams of the vinyl foam type, generally named by the acronym ETH or MC, are chosen. Finally, if protection is the main objective, a more specific foam will be used. Examples include ETH foam, which has a high density and therefore offers very good mechanical protection; polyurethane foam, which is more suitable for sound, noise or thermal insulation; or neoprene foam, which guarantees waterproofing around objects .

A customizable hard carrying case

example cut to size foam

Opt for a transport suitcase perfectly adapted to the shape of your equipment thanks to the option of a custom cut foam for an optimal support of your equipment during its transport. We offer a wide range of foam of different densities and colors that we work with digital cutting with high pressure water jet or laser.

We also offer screen printing on your hard carrying case. Think of flocking it to make your brand image shine to your customers. It is also possible to affix a sequential number to identify them more easily.