Secure Envelopes and Pouches

SBE presents its range of envelopes, pouches and seals that will protect your most confidential documents: cash envelopes, declared value envelopes, sealed envelopes, secured envelopes, tamper proof bags and many others.

Inevitably for a business, official and sensitive documents (letters) have to be sent out in a secure and traceable manner. It is in this spirit of safety and traceability that we have developed this range of tamper proof envelopes and high-performance tamper proof courier bags.

Secure envelopes and pouches - SBE Direct

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De 70.00€ à 97.00€ Tax excluded
  • Protects your documents during transport
  • High security envelop
  • Guarantees the authenticity of your documents
  • Opening attempt made evident by a VOID marking
  • Unique numbering and barcodes for effective monitoring
De 19.00€ à 31.00€ Tax excluded
  • Carry items and documents securely
  • Very resilient
  • A personalised secure transportation solution

Tamper proof sealed envelopes, declared value envelopes, high security envelopes, tamper proof bags

Thanks to our range of secure envelopes, you guarantee authenticity (inviolable sealing), traceability (simple or double numbering) and routing of your sensitive documents with complete peace of mind. Our wide range of protectionsuch as untearable VOID envelopes, tamper proof sealed envelopes, tamper proof courier bags, or security seals for pouches are available at highly degressive rates: thanks to these tamper proof bags you will greatly reduce attempts to violate security and all this at a very cost-effective price. In addition, on request we can produce custom models (letter formats, numbering) of tamper proof envelopes and tamper proof bags.