Discover our RFID labels. In order for us always to offer the best products, SBE gives you the opportunity to use RFID technology by means of these stickers, tags, labels that will facilitate your inventories. Non-contact RFID labels and tags, from the latest innovative technology, use RFID stickers for the recognition and traceability of your property.

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the roll of 2000

Discover a new level of efficiency and security with our high-quality blank RFID tags. These tags are designed to provide a seamless, secure, and...
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the label

In a world where efficiency and precision are crucial for the success of your business, we have developed a solution to optimize your inventory management:...
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the pack of 1000

Our RFID clothing tag revolutionizes textile management by offering a customized solution for industrial laundries. Combining robustness and flexibility, it...

RFID tags for optimised stock management

RFID (radio frequency identification) tags are electronic labels with a chip that contains an identifier and data about a product. Rely on an RFID system for your inventory management to increase productivity and customer satisfaction. These adhesive RFID tags can be personalised with a logo, text, a barcode or a specific serial number.

Choose your rfid tags based on the frequency and distance the chip can be read. The higher the frequency, the greater the read distance, ideal for both small and large storage spaces. These smart labels are complemented by a fixed or portable RFID reader, suitable for reading data quickly and automating data entry.

As you can see, RFID technology is the new standard for product traceability and stock management, and can be adapted to other uses such as personal identification (transport cards, company badges, passports, credit cards, etc.).

To know everything about RFID, please read our article "Understanding RFID in 10 points".