Traceability - Barcodes & RFID

Discover our products that facilitate stock management, traceability and transport: RFID tags, customised stickers, barcode readers and paper tags. Our solutions are suitable for both small and large stocks and allow you to be more efficient in your inventory taking.

Traceability - Barcodes & RFID - SBE Direct

Innovative solutions for stock management

We are committed to offering you new solutions adapted to the new needs of companies.

This is the case with our barcode readers and handhelds, which optimise your productivity thanks to their automatic reading of your barcode labels, which is reliable and fast. They are easy to use thanks to their ergonomic design and pleasant grip, and are compatible with your computers, facilitating the immediate transfer of your data and reducing the risk of input errors.

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RFID, a new technology for stock management

RFID tags are increasingly used because this technology is the most efficient for stock management in shops, warehouses and companies. These discrete tags have a chip with product data and can be read up to 6m away, depending on their frequency, thus optimising the traceability and logistical tracking of products from manufacture to sale. Blank or customised, these labels are becoming the standard for good stock management.

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Quick and easy identification of your products

We offer the first stock identification solution, Papertags. Blank or coloured, these American labels make it easy to identify your goods and products in any environment. These cardboard or polyester labels are resistant and long-lasting thanks to their professional quality and their metal fastener. Practical, economical, multi-purpose, resistant, customisable: try the American label, it will meet your expectations in terms of goods identification.

When you say stock, you say product. Discover our customised vinyl, polyester or polypropylene stickers to affix to your products. These fully customisable stickers allow you to reinforce your brand image by adding a visual touch to your product packaging. Take advantage of their quality/price ratio and our sliding scale prices!