Inventory labels

Easy and efficient inventory for your fleet of goods and fixed assets at economical prices. SBE presents its widest range of inventory labels. The SBE Direct inventory labels can be personalized and / or with barcodes, ultra-resistant, adaptable to any type of use with a wide choice of material. Inventory tags identify your products and strengthen your brand image by reducing inventory management errors, saving your time and money.

inventory labels

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The 100 labels

NEW! This barcode label, also called identification label, of a high-end design, is strong and perfectly protected. It is equipped with an ultra-powerful...
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the roll of 1000

The objective of the VOID asset label is to help you perform an inventory with reliable barcode labels, that effectively secure your goods, and at a...
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the roll of 1000

The purpose of this color print barcode label is to make an inventory with reliable labels that effectively secure your goods, and also at a reasonable...