Security Seals & Padlocks

You are responsible for security, in charge of the general services of your company you seek to permanently secure some of your property with solid permanent protection different to a padlock SBE offers its range of padlock seals whose use is similar to a padlock but much more permanent since they will be impossible to remove without the use of a cutter.

Security Seals & Padlocks - SBE Direct

Our padlock seals ans anti-tamper adhesive seals combine security and versatility

Usable in an industrial environment such as healthcare, these padlock seals can be used to lock cabinets, boxes, confidential files, as well as to ensure traceability of your property. Have a sequential numbering, barcode, or choose these padlock seals in different colours to further customize your sealing.

A wide choice of security seals

At SBE we offer a wide range of security seals for different purposes:

1. Anti-fraud adhesive seals 

In the form of labels or rolls of tape, these seals are very easy to use and can be stuck on any type of material. Their advantage: they instantly reveal a "VOID OPEDED" message if the seal has been removed and testify to the infraction

2. Economical and efficient plastic seals

They prevent the use of an equipment or identify an asset thanks to the progressive tightening system. Their advantage: they resist a traction of 12kg and temperatures from -20°C to 60°C.

3. Padlock seals, for permanent locking.

Used to lock cabinets, boxes and other confidential containers, these padlock-style seals do not have a key. You will need a pair of wire cutters to remove the seal.

4. Sealing seals

Easy to use, these plastic or stainless steel seals are recommended for locking your fire extinguishers, safety valves or electric meters. Your installations will be secure in the long term.

All our seals can be customised by choosing a colour, adding a logo, a text or a specific numbering to facilitate the identification of your goods and ensure a good brand image.