Monitoring & Inspection Labels

Our control labels allow you to control with certainty the temperature and traceability of your equipment and products. Our labels, which comply with current regulations, ensure a high level of security thanks to their resistance to difficult environments and their powerful adhesive guaranteeing excellent hold. All our control labels can be customised with the information of your choice (logo, unit, numbering, etc.) 

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Adhesive labels specially designed for controls

In accordance with current regulations, the traceability of the cold chain of perishable products is mandatory. Our time indicator labels are therefore ideal for quality control of your products. In addition, we offer ultra-flexible 3M aluminium metrology labels with permanent adhesive to facilitate periodic checks of your industrial equipment and allow quick and efficient visualisation of your revision periods.

Our labels are an accurate and cost-effective tool that can withstand extreme temperatures. Opting for these labels means opting for an innovative, simple and effective solution.

Customisation of your control labels

You can personalise your temperature indicators with your unit of measurement from 5 minutes to 2 years and your logo. Our aluminium metrology labels can be laser engraved, allowing your information (numbers, barcodes, logo) to be printed in an indelible and unalterable manner over time. It is a way to quickly identify your equipment with your image.

Discover our nameplates

To meet your need for control and certification of ownership of your goods, we offer machine plates in several materials such as polyester and anodised aluminium.

Our rigid 3M builder's plate, made of anodised aluminium, is engraved by laser beam which allows to identify any type of material in time thanks to its legible and indelible printing. This tare plate can be riveted or glued to a wide range of surfaces such as industrial and agricultural machinery, factory equipment, street furniture and premises signs. Your manufacturer's plate is therefore irremovable and resistant to all types of handling.

Just like your metrology labels, our flexible polyester identification plates and manufacturer's labels can include the following information: serial number, technical specifications, manufacturer's contact details in order to inform of the equipment's compliance with European standards. 

To find out more about manufacturer's labels, please see our article.