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Corporate stickers are used by many people for many different purposes. The adhesive stickers and personalized stickers are used by various companies to develop their communication or simply identify and mark their stocks or industrial machines. This medium has become an essential advertising tool, allowing you to promote your brand to customers or partners. Let yourself be seduced by our personalized stickers, quality, available in large quantities and inexpensive.

Industrial Stickers - Industrial goods Identification Solution

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Company sticker: it is the window of your brand image. Make the choice of simplicity by opting for personalized labels that will allow you to identify your...

What is the use of the company sticker ?

When it comes to stickers, your business needs vary according to your objectives. That's why we've designed our range of corporate stickers to perfectly match your internal and external objectives !

Our industrial stickers are fully customizable, so it's easy to make them your own. If stickers have a marketing purpose for you, then our advertising stickers are just what you need. You can put your company logo, brand name, and even the color of your choice on these personalized labels. Moreover, our stickers are cut to the shape of your choice, for a greater personalization.

After application on your supports, these industrial labels will reinforce the brand image of your company, thanks to our high quality digital screen printing (traditional). Our personalized company stickers are made of different materials and are modular, but they remain at the top of the quality and security present on the market.

The sizes we offer are scalable, which can allow you to design a much larger sticker for promotional purposes. During holidays or sales, it is not uncommon to see large stickers decorating store windows.

We also offer our corporate stickers for more internal use. Indeed, if you wish to identify your industrial machines or stock, whatever the type of support, it is now possible thanks to our range of company labels.

Between polycarbonate labels for identification purposes and having the most powerful fixation of the market, or our industrial stickers for advertising purposes, customizable to infinity, the choice can be complicated, so do not hesitate to contact us online.

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How far is personalization taken ?

At SBE Direct, we make it a point to satisfy you. That's why we've decided to take the personalization of our business stickers to the extreme. Whether you want to print in large format, on vinyl or even in digital screen printing, we are committed to doing everything we can to satisfy you.

In various forms, supports and colors : Your needs are our priority ! So make the choice of 100% personalized. We cut to shape, whether it is your company logo, adhesive lettering or personal information. So choose our custom-made adhesive stickers !

The added value of the promotional sticker lies in its practicality. Indeed, the customizable sticker can be stuck on any type of support: cardboard, glass, wood, metal, plastic or paper. As far as surfaces are concerned, the company sticker is flexible, it can be adapted to flat or curved surfaces.

The choice of printing is also very important, since it directly affects the quality and content of your order. Indeed, opting for digital screen printing (used by textile printers) facilitates the longevity of the print. We offer you the possibility to print whatever you want, whether it is a barcode or a variable QR code in high resolution.

The resistance of your company sticker is not only due to the type of printing chosen. The choice of adhesive material also plays a role in the longevity and resistance to the elements. That's why SBE Direct's technical team has seen fit to offer customers a choice between vinyl and polyester.

Are the stickers resistant ?

Our stickers are designed to withstand the elements, such as high heat, chemical splashes and freezing temperatures. These stickers are a real condensed technology, allowing you an optimal resistance in any condition:

  • Extreme temperatures (from -80°C to + 150°C)
  • To steam jets
  • Chemical products
  • To hydrocarbons
  • To solvents Acids
  • Sunlight.

At SBE Direct, we offer the most durable, quality business stickers on the market. Our products have a very good shelf life and are available quickly and at a very low price.

Choosing our range of business stickers means choosing performance and quality of customizable stickers for a multitude of needs. You won't be disappointed by our range of high quality self-adhesive labels !

Polycarbonate front panel :

Resistant in extremely aggressive environments, this customizable sticker is ideal for chemically aggressive environments or even subjected to external forces. This sticker, more often used in identification and signage, resists abrasion, shocks, punctures, chemicals and is insensitive to scratches.

Resistant and sticky, since it is equipped with the most powerful adhesive on the market: 3M467. So, don't worry about the resistance level of your business sticker.

Industrial sticker :

It is the essential to have in your stock. Inexpensive and available in quantity, industrial stickers are able to adapt to all your needs, especially thanks to their 100% customizable character.

If your stickers are for marketing purposes and have the final objective of being distributed, then you should choose the industrial sticker. This high quality product allows you an infinite customization. It is the guarantee of a quantity printing, fast and inexpensive.

Ideal for low cost advertising campaigns ! So, if you want to develop and improve your brand image, these are the business stickers you need !

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