Barcode terminals

This varied range of 1D and 2D standalone barcode terminals comprises high quality products that combine performance and ergonomics in your workplace. Enjoy the ergonomics of a portable Bluetooth barcode reader to make your inventories easy and professional.

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725.00€ Tax excluded
  • Reliable and ultra-fast reading
  • USB connection, Mac and PC
  • Very resistant to shocks
  • Recognizes most of the barcodes in force
  • A and CE class compliance

SBE Direct presents its range of standalone barcode terminals

perfectly adapted to any business line, our bar code terminal is ideal for managing your inventories, receiving products, transporting goods and/or preparing orders.

SBE offers a wide range of standalone inventory terminals, ranging from the most practical to the most complete

This range is made up of, on the one hand, the simple and practical barcode terminal for fast and fluid use such as the PX 20or the OPN 2001, and, on the other hand, complete, high-performance tools such as a pocket computer like the H22, the OPH 1005, the Dolphin 6100

Real pocket computers, these laser barcode readers connect directly to your PC or Mac by a USB cable or network and will help you save considerable time during your identification and classification operations.

These Bluetooth barcode readers are robust and strong, resistant to humidity, dust and to falls from heights of up to 2m.

Each barcode terminal is delivered in full with its base or charger cable and strap.

For distribution professionals we also have a wide range of standalone hand-held barcode readers.