In companies and administrations, and in fact any place likely to bring large numbers of people together, identification is now paramount. From a practical point of view, because it allows each individual to explicitly demonstrate their legitimacy, but also for security reasons.

People identification  : badge, badge holder ...

Large range of people identification products in companies

Here, SBE offers you a very comprehensive range of solutions for identifying people, suited to all situations requiring recognition procedures for individuals (Education, Business, Administration, Events, etc.). Thanks to its variety and reliability, our product line will offer you the solutions most suited to your requirements.

Company badges for maximum security

We offer a wide range of PVC access cards as well as RFID badges and cards to identify your employees more easily and secure access to your premises. RFID technology is the most advanced technology on the market and allows for automated identification using a microchip. To learn more about RFID, please read our article. To help you control access in your company, our badge readers are ideal to save time in this process.

Our badges can be complemented with a wide range of accessories: badge holders, badge protectors, neck wraps, zipper reels and badge clips. They will protect your badge in the long term, prevent it from getting lost and guarantee quicker and easier identification. 

All our products can be personalised with your logo, name, first name, photo, barcode for better identification. Your brand image will be reinforced.

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The badge holder, an essential protection

Which reader to choose?

Maximum visibility and security with event wristbands

Promote and secure your events with our identification wristbands and festival wristbands. Available in tyvek, vinyl and silicone, our wristbands are extremely durable and allow for quick identification. All our products can be personalised with your logo, message, numbering or barcode in the colour of your choice.

To optimise the flow of people, we offer ergonomic and efficient wireless barcode readers. Lightweight and handy, they make it easy to scan the wristbands. They are also highly resistant to moisture, dust and shock. To find out how to choose the right reader for you, read our article.

Your patients identified with medical wristbands 

We also offer medical wristbands for patient identification. Our medical wristbands are hygienic and resistant to all types of handling. For maximum security, you can personalise your wristbands with the name of your establishment, a logo, a numbering, a barcode...etc.

Optimize the identification of people at lower costs with our very interesting sliding scale prices and our destocking from -50% with new high quality products.