Patient Identification

Identification of patients in hospitals

Adult/Child medical bracelets in white and colour - SBE Direct

Practical, hygienic and customisable hospital wristbands

These hygienic hospital wristbands are waterproof, resistant to cleaning products and to frequent handling, guaranteeing patient identification and comfort in complete safety during the hospital stay. Our patient wristbands can also be personalised with the name of the institution, the patient's name and the individual number (number, barcode, QR code) for added security.

All these hospital wristbands are controlled during manufacture and have excellent finishes, please test our samples yourself and appreciate the quality.

What is the purpose of a medical bracelet ?

The medical bracelet is mandatory when a person is admitted to the hospital or emergency room. It is an efficient and useful way to identify an adult, a child, an infant and to access health data (pathology, allergies, history etc.) by scanning a barcode for example. This allows to provide the best care adapted to the patient's condition.

A medical bracelet reinforces and improves the safety and security of patients and reduces the efforts of the administration. It is a great help in case of emergency and rescue.

The RFID medical bracelet

You can increase the efficiency of your wristbands by adding an RFID tag, a new technology that revolutionizes data management. This tag contains an electronic chip that can store all patient data. This information is easily integrated and accessible by the nursing staff. This saves a lot of time and reduces the risk of errors.

An RFID system is highly secure and prevents unauthorized and unauthenticated access. Care tracking can be automatically updated in the patient file by scanning a barcode.